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Bantam Vape E-Juice Review

Bantam Vape E-liquid

Okay, I’ll admit upfront that I absolutely love strawberry. I love it in most combinations of flavors and mixtures. When Bantam sent me their strawberry line, I was pretty geeked. I mean first of all, how cool is it that they have a strawberry line to begin with! My experience …

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Kai’s Virgin Vapors Review

Kai's Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin Vapor says that their vape juices are extracted from plants. Uhh… ok. When organic foods and cleaners first became the rage, I admit, I bought some. I thought I’d “go green” and be more pure and all that jazz. When I found was that the foods were either …

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White Cloud E-Juice Review

White Cloud E-Juice

*SAVE 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK* Let me start by saying two things. First, I absolutely love to try new juice flavors. Any opportunity to try some new concoction is right up my alley. Second, I hate having to write bad reviews. Yup, I was …

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Backstage Blends Juice Review

Backstage Blends is a hard rock inspired e-juice company founded by Dan Chandler, lead singer of Evans Blue and Fight or Flight. I had the opportunity to sample four of Backstage Blend’s flavors: Metal Milk, Serum, Vice, and Platinum. Metal Milk Metal Milk is billed as being “Dan’s favorite”. It’s …

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Mad Teddy Juice Review

Mad Teddy is, as you can imagine from the name, a teddy bear themed e-juice brand manufactured by Castle Rock International.  The juice comes in two different flavors: Blueberry Parfait and Ultimate Custard. Ultimate Custard If you’re a fan of custard flavors, you’ve most likely had one just like this before. …

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VapeCraft Juice Review

Vapecraft e-juice

VapeCraft Inc. is a budget-friendly e-juice company that manufactures juice under both the VapeCraft and the Vapors Anonymous brand names. In an industry where everyone is trying to go after the “premium” market with juices that are selling for $13+ for 15mL, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see a …

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I Love Cookies Juice Review


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Mad Hatter’s I Love Donuts e-juice, so I was definitely excited to try out the newest addition to their line of dessert-flavored juices: I Love Cookies. How does it stack up compared to I Love Donuts and other popular dessert e-liquids? …

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Boardwalk Vapor Juice Review

Boardwalk vapor captain crusty

I recently received some samples from the newest line of e-juices from Boardwalk Vapor. Boardwalk Vapor is a small craft e-juice company from Orange County, California that has a solid selection of five different e-juices that are designed to appeal to just about anyone’s flavor preference. Bombshell Bombshell is a …

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