Are You Rich Enough to Afford This $100,000 Vape from HBO’s Ballers?

  • Vape manufacturer Double Barrel is releasing a $100,000 version of their popular weed vaporizer
  • The Double Barrel was featured in HBO’s Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Russell Brand
  • The vaporizer is made from white gold and is encrusted with diamonds
  • The original non-diamond version retails at California dispensaries for $100

The vape that is made for true ballers

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest season of HBO’s hit series Ballersyou may have noticed that Russell Brand’s character Lance Klians was carrying around a blinged-out vaporizer throughout the season. That vaporizer was none other than the Double Barrel, a cannabis vape from a company that was named as one of Entrepreneur’s 100 Cannabis Leaders in 2018.

Double Barrel has, ahem, doubled down on their explosive popularity with the release of the limited edition $100,000 Double Barrel Diamond vaporizer. This iced-out version of the popular, award-winning Double Barrel features 151 grams of solid white gold. It’s decked out with pave-laid diamonds, giving this thing a gorgeous high-end appearance.

double barrel diamond vaporizer
Are you rich enough to afford this diamond-encrusted cannabis vaporizer?

How does the Double Barrel Diamond vaporizer work?

Ok, so the Double Barrel Diamond is the coolest-looking vaporizer ever made. But how do you actually, you know, vape with it? It’s actually rather simple for such an expensive device. Simply load each chamber with the proprietary Double Barrel cartridges, attach the (really cool) magnetic knuckle rings, and start vaping. That’s it.

“Double Barrel presented me with an opportunity I never saw coming to artfully execute a high-voltage accessory for the cannabis consumer who has it all,” said Gerard Alexander, the jeweler and lead designer behind this project.

Mission accomplished, Gerard. Mission accomplished.

It’s hard to imagine that there will be many customers who can afford a luxury status symbol like this. But if you’re one of the few stoners who is rich enough to throw a hundred grand at a new vaporizer, this is the best (and probably only) option.

Diamond Double Barrel in hand
After you load the chambers using Double Barrel’s proprietary cartridges, just snap on the metal knuckle rings and start vaping.

Where to buy the Diamond Double Barrel

If you’re baller enough to vape like the cast of Ballers, you can contact the company directly to buy the diamond version of the Double Barrel vaporizer. Don’t have $100k laying around? You can buy the non-bling version of the wildly popular Double Barrel vaporizer at certain California dispensaries for a much more affordable $100. As of right now, it’s not available in any other states that have legalized marijuana, such as Nevada or Colorado.

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