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The CBD market is one of the fastest growing businesses in the US. Since this is a young industry, a lot of companies are striving to create a name for themselves, hoping to get ahead of other companies and capture the lion’s share of this lucrative market. One such company is Savage CBD.

Savage CBD is a company headquartered in Irvine. The company’s website has sparse details when it comes to their identity. Browse the website and all you’ll see is the information on how to get in touch with them and the names and pictures of the people behind the company. This is in stark contrast to other companies’ who post their company’s history. It doesn’t mean though that Savage CBD is inferior to other CBD providers. Their website is teeming with information on the wide array of products that they offer.

One thing that really made Savage CBD stand out for us is the availability of the lab results for their products. All of their products have lab test results, although the site clarifies that the results are just for Research and Development purposes. The lab results also have dates although we are not sure if this means that Savage CBD periodically updates them.

Savage 1000 mg CBD

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your vaping, this might be a good way of doing it. Savage CBD’s Savage 1000 mg CBD is an e-juice that you can use in your vaping device. They come in 6 distinctly fruity flavors. We got to try their Serene e-juice and it really delivered the promised flavor. The apple flavor is evident not just in its taste but in its smell as well. Each bottle has 30 ml of e-juice and that’s more than enough for a week’s worth of vaping. Savage 1000 mg actually comes in 3 strength variants. Aside from the 1000 mg variant, you can also get them in either a 250 mg variant or a 500 mg variant. This makes them ideal for those who are just starting in CBD vaping. If you are not yet sure about the strength that you prefer, you can start with the 250 mg and work your way up to a higher strength variant. A 30 ml bottle of the 250 mg variant is just $32.99.

Why should you vape CBD? Vaping CBD is a surefire way of maximizing the potential of CBD. This is a method that lets a consumer absorb more CBD into their body. When inhaled to the body via vape, bioavailability is up to 90%. This means that a smaller percentage goes to waste. You can use a lower dose of CBD but still reap the same benefits. CBD edibles only have a 30 to 50% bioavailability. Say that you try two different methods of getting CBD into your body. You can try consuming a 50 mg edible or you can vape a 40 mg CBD e-juice. Between the two, the edible has a higher dosage but it also has a lower rate of bioavailability. This means that you’re getting more CBD into your body through vaping even though CBD e-juice has a lower dosage.

Vaping CBD can also help a consumer avoid issues in the digestive system. Ingesting cannabis products can lead to irritations in the stomach and intestines. This is especially true for high dosage edibles. Before getting into CBD vaping though, we recommend that you carefully read the active ingredients of any e-juice. This can help avoid allergies or irritations because of CBD vapor. Vaping CBD is also not ideal for those who are prone to lung diseases.

CBD Oil Tincture

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is Savage CBD’s most popular product. Oil tinctures are therapeutic and they’re marketing them for those who want to improve their health and vitality. Savage CBD’s Oil Tincture is all-natural and free from any chemicals or pesticides. This helps customers avoid side effects. It works by holding 5-10 drops of CBD oil under the tongue for around 1 minute.

Savage CBD’s Oil Tincture comes in two flavors. Customers can get them either in Lemon Lime flavor or in Pink Grapefruit. Most of the tinctures that we have in the market are flavorless. While that is something that most users can live with, there are also those who want to have a bit of flavor with their oil tincture.

Each bottle holds 30ml of oil tincture. Customers can get these oil tinctures in 1000mg, 1500mg, or 2000mg. Their prices are $99.99, $119.99, and $149.99 respectively.

We tried the Lemon Lime flavor and we loved it. The flavor is distinct and it really has that tangy flavor that one can expect from any lemon-lime flavored oil. This oil is often taken sublingually (held under the tongue). If you’re not comfortable with that, there are other ways to use it. You can add them to your drink. A drop of Lemon Lime Oil tincture on a cup of tea will give it that flavor that those who love Iced Tea will surely enjoy. Or you can just add it to your glass of water and you have healthy lemon-flavored water.

Savage Gummies

The name might sound terrifying but the reality is totally the opposite. These gummies are savage only when it comes to pain. If you are living through chronic pain that makes living your life to the fullest difficult, then you might want to try these gummies. It’s a relatively new way of delivering edibles to customers but it makes them easy and fun to consume. This is a great way of enticing new customers to get into the market.

One pack consists of 6 gummies. Each gummy has 50mg of active ingredients. Their price is competitive as well since each pack is just $29.99. We say competitive because although there are similarly priced gummies in the market, other gummies often have fewer active ingredients. Other gummies often have lower dosages so even if they have lower prices, customers are not really getting a bargain.

Another thing that sets Savage Gummies apart is the way that they taste. Most of the time, you get gummies that either tastes bland or taste like medicine. The taste is what turns off most people. You don’t need to worry about that with Savage Gummies. These gummies taste great. On top of that, they look inviting. These gummies have bright lively colors such as yellow, green, orange and red.

Savage CBD Pet Spray

If you think that CBD products are just for humans, think again. CBD products can also benefit our beloved pets. Savage CBD has a full spectrum pet spray. This pet spray uses only vegan ingredients. It’s a great way of ensuring that your pets will only get the best product available. One 60 ml bottle of CBD pet spray contains 500 mg of active ingredients. This spray uses MCT as a carrier oil.

CBD has calming effects on pets. If you have a pet that’s always stressed out or always acts jittery, this spray can definitely help. CBD is also popular as a means of helping pets manage their weight. If you feel that your pet is gaining too much weight and becoming unhealthy in the process, this product might help you. CBD is also helpful for older pets. Just like humans, our pets also feel joint pains as they get older. CBD spray can help relieve joint pains. It can also help in enabling pets to have a greater range of motion.

How’s their website?

Savage CBD’s website is easy to navigate. We did not encounter any difficulties navigating from one part to another. Aside from the lab test results that we mentioned earlier; they also have a section that allows customers to track their orders. All that you need is to enter your tracking number and email address. They’ll update you with the status of your order. This is a good feature since it provides customers with the assurance that their orders get processed properly. It also gives them a heads up on when they can expect their order.

There is also a section dedicated to customers who want to place wholesale orders. We have not tried this section but we figured Savage CBD might have special discounts for bulk orders. They also assist customers who want to have their orders privately-labeled.

Aside from those mentioned above, their website is also a great source of information about anything and everything about CBD. They post informative articles about CBD so customers can learn more about this supplement.

Overall, Savage CBD seems to be doing a good job of not only delivering great quality products but helping its customer base keep abreast of everything they need to know about CBD. Remember to always check for the latest Savage CBD coupon codes before placing your order so that you can always get the best price at

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