Proper Seasoning Techniques for Quartz or Titanium Nails

When you get a new cast iron pan, the first things that you have to do to it is heat it up and apply an oil coating to it. This makes the food taste better, the pan work better, and it removes the metallic taste that could shine through in your food without it. The same is true with Quartz and Titanium nails. Without proper seasoning, your product will taste metallic and will not be as enjoyable.

Seasoning is an easy four-step process that will make the entire experience much more enjoyable:

  1. Heat your nail up with a blowtorch for forty-five seconds. The point of this is to burn off any additional residue that might exist. If it is a Titanium nail, this should get it to the point where it is red hot.
  2. Once the nail is heated, dab on your essential oil to the cup. You should be placing this in all areas that you wish to be seasoned. If your nail is Quartz, you should wait until it has cooled down for 10-15 seconds. If your nail is Titanium, however, you can add on your oil right away.
  3. Allow your nail to cool down completely before reapplying your oil two to three times.

After this, your nail is ready to go. Having seasoned it, you will discover a much more enjoyable product and a much sturdier nail. Remember to continually clean your nail after each use to avoid the build-up of residue and you should be set for a long time with your well-seasoned nail!

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