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Coupon last checked: September, 2020

Select CBD is one of the most popular cannabidiol companies in the world. They offer a line of tinctures, vape juice, topicals, and more.

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About Select CBD

Featured in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Forbes, and more; Select’s line of CBD is high in purity, potency, and flavor. Their CBD has been making waves to the point where they’ve won numerous awards including Oregon’s Best High CBD product by Leafly.

Select pairs their CBD with essential oils and herbs to deliver superior flavor and to give you a premium experience. They put every one of their products through seven levels of quality control checks to ensure that there are no manufacturing defects.

Select partners with industry-leading scientists to help develop new strains and products that are sure to delight even the most discerning CBD consumer.

Select CBD products

  • Drops/Tinctures – Select CBD Drops combine their award-winning pure hemp extract with high quality essential oils for a premium vaping experience. It’s been formulated with fractionated coconut oil for consistency and reliability. Select CBD Drops aren’t just for vaping: they also include a dropper for sublingual (below the tongue) use.
  • Vape pens – Select also offers and all-in-one, prefilled portable vape pen. If you want an all-in-one package that contains everything you need to start vaping CBD, this is your best option. Select pens are available in three different formulations: Relax, Revive, and Focus.
  • Gel capsules – Each gel cap features Select hemp extract combined with essential herbs for targeted wellness. These capsules are a great way to feel the effects of CBD on a daily basis.
  • Muscle rub – Designed to relive minor aches and pains, Select Muscle rub combines pure hemp-derived CBD with aloe, Vitamin E, tea tree oil, and menthol for an ideal addition to any wellness routine. The menthol delivers an intense cooling sensation that immediately relives minor muscle and joint pain.
  • Extended-release patches – These unique transdermal patches allow CBD to permeate all the layers of your skin. Using slow-release technology, a steady dose of CBD will be activated throughout a 24-hour period.
  • Pet drops – Select also sells a pet CBD oil that can be added to your dog or cat’s favorite food. Thanks to Select’s incredible flavors, your furry friend won’t even notice that they’re taking a supplement! Pet drops are available in the following flavors: salmon, bacon, peanut butter, chicken, and unflavored.

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