Senator Wants to Recall E-Cig Batteries Because Dumbasses Can’t Stop Blowing Themselves Up

Recent videos have shown that loose lithium-ion batteries place in a  pocket or purse tend to explode when they contact other metal objects.

Within the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a couple different shocking videos.

The first is from Leeds, England. It’s a fairly typical exploding lithium-ion battery scenario that we’ve seen a few times before. A man reaches into his pocket and BOOM! Sparks start flying and everyone is freaking the fuck out.

Amazingly, the local fire department actually put out some solid info in the aftermath of the incident. Here is what fire department spokesman Jamie Lister had to say:

“This is not the first time we have seen injuries caused by a lithium-ion battery exploding while being carried in someone’s pocket. We really want the public to understand the risks which can be easily avoided. There does not need to be a fault with the battery, the problem is the incorrect storage of the batteries.”

I’m consistently impressed by how the authorities in the UK have been treating vaping. I’m not sure why, but it seems like leaders in their government are much more level-headed and open to considering the benefits of e-cigarettes compared to our shitshow of a government here in the States. Not only is this local fire department taking the time to inform people that explosions are generally their own fault, but their national government is even prescribing e-cigs to smokers who want to quit. Former Prime Minister David Cameron even publicly endorsed e-cigarettes.

Another recent explosion took place on a bus in Fresno, CA. This one was much more serious, resulting in third-degree burns on the 53-year-old man’s hands and thigh.

This is 100% user-error, but it has emboldened the worst type of person on the planet: Lefty politicians who want to regulate and control every single aspect of your life.

Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer seized the opportunity to expand the control of government into the everyday lives of Americans by calling for an investigation and recall of e-cigarette batteries.

Schumer said the following:

We ask the FDA to do its job and investigate why these cigarettes are exploding and force the e-cigarette manufacturers to prevent this from happening.’’

Hey fuckface! There is nothing that manufacturers can do to stop human stupidity. If these Darwin Awards candidates in the making weren’t casually blowing themselves up with lithium-ion batteries, they would manage to find another way to kill themselves. They would text and drive. They would eat shitty food until they die from a heart attack. They would get blackout drunk and fall asleep in the snow. There are millions of ways for idiots to die, and to be honest vape battery explosions are one of the more rare methods that dumbasses use to injure themselves. I say injure because as far as I know no one has ever actually died from a vape-related explosion.

I agree that manufacturers and retailers should do their best to educate consumers about the risks involved with lithium-ion batteries and vaping with mechanical mods. Vape shop employees should make sure that they explain the risks to new customers, and online retailers should at least include a little flyer in the package explaining the risks. Manufacturers should definitely put large warnings on the boxes.

But getting the government involved and actually recalling these things? Ridiculous.

The FDA has said that they are reviewing the exploded e-cigs “amperage, voltage, wattage, and battery type,” according to the AP.

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