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September Vape News Roundup: What You May Have Missed Last Month

Ok so September was kind of a crazy month in the world of vaping. The month started off with a bang when the CDC conducted a random inspection of 59 vape shops. What did they find? The threat of new regulations continued, with the FDA commissioner making bold statements about the teen juuling “epidemic”.

In more positive news, everyone’s favorite psychologist Jordan B. Peterson chucked huge clouds and we have the video. Rumors continued about Coca-Cola’s possible entry into the cannabis-infused drinks market. Elon Musk, aka Iron Man IRL, smoked some pot on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

All-in-all, it was an exciting month. We’re definitely looking forward to finding out what October has in store for the vaping world!

News you may have missed in September on Vapor Vanity

Jordan B Peterson blowing a cloud
Jordan Peterson chucked some huge clouds last month.

Reviews you may have missed last month on Vapor Vanity

Every Day Optimal CBD
Every Day Optimal CBD

Guides you may have missed last month on VaporVanity

teen vaping infographic
Signs that your teen may be vaping.

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