Shocking Video: Loose Battery Explodes in Woman’s Purse

This is why you don’t carry around loose lithium-ion batteries in your purse or pocket.

A new video shows a purse exploding at a Sunglass Hut in the Freehold Mall in New Jersey. The woman set her purse down on the counter while checking out, and moments later the purse was engulfed in flames, leaving a huge cloud of black smoke in it’s wake. The cashier, understandably terrified, sprinted away from the cash register while the woman tried to put out the fire.

The woman later told News12 that the fire scorched everything that was in her purse.

This is the reason why you should never carry around a spare battery without a battery case. You can get them for less than two dollars at Amazon. There’s seriously no excuse to not spend two bucks to prevent an explosion and save yourself from severe injury and property damage.

This explosion is an example of what can happen if you carry a loose lithium-ion battery and it comes into contact with another metal object, such coins or keys. Luckily she was not injured because the explosion happened in her purse when it was on the counter away from her body. Past battery explosions have occurred when people were carrying around loose batteries in their pockets, with devastating results.

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