Sigelei Chronus Shikra Review

Gold Sigelei Chronus ShikraSigelei is a Chinese vape brand that has claimed its spot as one of the most respected in the world. They offer vape products that can compete with what other leading brands put out. Their products are so good that they are often copied and counterfeited. The incidence of Sigelei products getting counterfeited has been so bad that Sigelei even came up with a product verification method on their website. Just enter the unique code that comes with each product and it will tell you if the product you bought is the real thing.

One of their most popular products is the Sigelei Chronus Shikra Mod Kit. I’ve tested this mod kit and I’ll lay down every important aspect for you so you’ll know what to expect if you decide to purchase it as your next mod.

First Impressions

The first thing that I thought to myself when I saw the Chronus Shikra is that it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet. The body is a combination of zinc alloy and stainless steel and most mods using these materials attract fingerprints. I’m glad to note that this is not the case here.

The finish of the materials gave it a brushed effect instead of the smoother one that other brands prefer. However, this meant that the mod is a bit slippery. I can still comfortably hold it but I find myself adjusting my grip from time to time. The only way to counter this slipping action is to try and hold the mod close to the tank. Or try to position my grip so that the edge of my fingers can use the edge of the raised display as a kind of grip.

The display, just like in other Sigelei mods, is round. They have the look of the face of a watch. The display looks good enough but I’m not too fond of the faux gems. I find it a bit pretentious. But I guess the design appeals to others. Just below the display is a joystick controller. The controller works exactly how it should. It is accurate and easy to use.

This mod is a dual 18650. It uses bottom feeding and the battery compartment is not as clunky that of other mods.

How does it perform?

The Chronus Shikra performs well but not as great as other similar mods, in my opinion. It’s sub-ohm performance is OK but nothing to rave about. The coils are another matter. They are not as good as that of other Sigelei mods. In fact, it pales in comparison to other Sigelei’s I’ve tried. The flavor is not as rich.

You can conveniently use the coils for basic flavor profiles. However, if you want to use more complex flavors, you should use another mod. You can use more complex e-liquids. However, don’t expect the mod to do justice to such complex flavors.

The vapor production is also not as great. Vapor production is a bit low when you consider the wattage of the mod. You can get good results at 90w. However, other single mesh coil tanks can deliver more vapor at lower wattages. Sigelei have a great product in the Chronus Shikra and I hope they consider the use of mesh MS coils so this mod can realize its full potential.

How easy is it to use?

The menu of the Chronus Shikra is easy to access. Just click on the joystick below the display and you can access the menu. The menu has numerous options available. There are options for temperature control. You can also use the menu to access TFR for more accurate settings.

The Chronus Shikra is password-protected. This is a trend that’s gaining popularity among mods. The rationale behind the password is to make the mod child-proof. This is something sensible. A device that can deliver hundreds of watts should never become a child’s toy, even accidentally. However, I wish that they limited the password activation only to when you’re replacing the battery. This is the part that’s too dangerous for children.

Unfortunately, you’re required to enter a password even if you just want to access the menu. Sure, it’s just a couple of seconds delay but I like being able to access my mod’s menu without always having to enter a password. It’s not like there is sensitive information stored in the mod’s menu. The worst thing that can happen is someone else can change the settings that you’ve previously set. Something that can you can change back. Seeing how this trend is rising though, it is something that we all just have to live with.

How’s the performance of the Shikra Tank?

The Shikra Tank that comes with the Chronus is a 5ml bubble glass tank. This is better than other tanks that usually have around 3.5ml capacity. The additional 1.5ml may not sound much. However, you’ll definitely be thankful for that extra e-juice if you find yourself out for a long day. The 5ml of e-juice will be more than enough for a long day of vaping, even if you are a heavy vaper.  

The diameter of the tank is just 25mm. It has a replaceable 810 drip tip on top. It has a coil cage inside that provides additional protection.

Final Thoughts

Sigelei has been putting out great mods and the Chronus Shikra Kit is one of their newest. It has its bright spots but it still pales in comparison to other Sigelei mods. The sturdiness and great look of the mod itself make it easy to like. The Shikra Tank is generous with its 5ml capacity but the flavor, in general, is not as great as that of other Sigelei mods.

In general, this is a mod that is good for your basic vaping needs. However, it is not ideal for vaping complex-flavored juices.


  • Great tank capacity
  • Sturdy and well-built mod
  • The display is big and easy to use
  • Joystick controller is accurate


  • Password protection may be bothersome
  • Coils needed improvement
  • Not ideal for vaping complex flavors
  • Not great for vaping at low wattages

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