Small Town in Kentucky is Shocked to Learn That Teenagers Are Getting High With Vapes

Evidently authorities in Kentucky are just now learning that it’s possible to vape weed, and they want to prevent this menace from corrupting the innocent children. Officer Tim Gividen has the latest scoop:

What they do is they take marijuana, then take the THC out of it, put it in wax form, stick it in an e-cig, which heats it up, melts it, and you smoke it just like an e-cig, but you get the high off the marijuana

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Yes, in 2015 this is actually something that some people in Kentucky are just now becoming aware of. But parents need not worry, because Officer Gividen is on the ground doing the tough but necessary work of patrolling high schools and harassing kids enforcing the laws. From the article:

Gividen patrols schools in Carroll County.

It was when he confiscated an e-cigarette from a student at Carroll County High School and started asking questions that he learned of the growing trend.

“I said, ‘So why do these kids have these e-cigs, what is going on?’ He said they use it for waxing. I’m like, ‘Waxing, what is that? I’ve never heard of that.'”

If you live in Kentucky, don’t worry. Your tax dollars are clearly going towards a good cause. Officer Gividen is the only thing standing between your children and Reefer Madness (For those of you who live in Bumblefuck, Kentucky and don’t understand my fancy talk, that was sarcasm. Reefer Madness isn’t a thing.)


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