SMOK Alien vs. SMOK Alien Baby

SMOK has been doing a great job of creating cool looking, high-performance mod starter kits. Products like the Skyhook, H-PRIV, G-PRIV, and more have helped to cement their reputation in my book. It seems like they’ve avoided the trap of churning out shitty looking pieces of garbage that other companies have fallen into. Smok Vape Mods are among the top-selling vape mods on the market today because they combine a sleek exterior with an advanced chipset. Seeing a company that is actually serious about creating great products is definitely a breath of fresh air in the current e-cig market.

Their most popular product line by far is the Alien. The Alien starter kit is available in two sizes: a full sized 220W kit and a smaller 85W Alien Baby kit.

Which one is best for your needs?

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Full Sized Alien 220W Starter Kit

The full-sized 220W starter kit  is the original Alien, and it is great for vapers who want something with a ton of power, temperature control capabilities, and an included TFV8 Baby Beast tank. This thing will push out some seriously large clouds.

SMOK Alien 220W Kit

The best part is that the Alien doesn’t require a whole lot of advanced knowledge to use. Replacing the coils on the TFV8 tank is a breeze, without any of the complicated wirecutting nonsense that you have to deal with when using an RDA.

The Alien takes two 18650 batteries, since you’ll need the extra juice to power those 220W of raw power.

Last but not least, the Alien just simply looks cool as fuck. The futuristic look is definitely trending in the box market world these days, and the Alien really is the gold standard when it comes to that type of design aesthetic. It looks very “sci-fi” and just the name alone lets you know that the futuristic thing is definitely what SMOK is going for with this one.

Read our full review of the Alien starter kit here.

The best place to buy the Alien kit is at


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Smaller-Sized Alien Baby 85W Starter Kit

This petite little guy is just like it’s bigger brother, but a little less powerful. This one clocks in with only 85W of power, which is still more than enough to give you those sick clouds that you’re craving.

SMOK Alien Baby AL85 Kit

Since it’s smaller and less powerful, it only require one 18650 battery.

It’s great for those situations where you need a kit that will fit in your pocket for every day use. This will definitely become your “daily driver”, since it’s so damn convenient but still has the performance specs that you’d expect from something much bigger.

Let’s be real:

Most of us are busy as fuck. We need something we can grab and go. The Alien Baby fits that need perfectly.

The best place to buy the Al85 Alien Baby kit is at


Which one do you prefer?

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