Best SMOK Mods and Pod Vapes

Smok mods and pod vapes are by far one of the best possible ways to enjoy your favorite e-juice. You get huge clouds, a stunning design aesthetic, and the latest technology all in one package. The best Smok mod is the Mag Kit.

If you’re ready to get your vape on, picking any one of these powerful devices will give you everything that you need to get started. The VaporVanity editorial team has verified that these are some of the best Smok mods and pod vapes on the market today, so you can rest easy knowing that as long as you choose from this list, any decision that you make is certainly going to be a good one.

#1. SMOK Mag Kit

SMOK is always well-known for their wide variety of color options, and the mag kit is no exception. This mod is available in 25 different eye-catching colors ranging from standard-issue black to red skull.

The mod features a power range of 6W-225W, 0.5V-9V voltage, 200F-600F temperature control capabilities, and a weight of 265g.

You fire the mod using an innovative trigger mechanism. I found that the trigger button is way easier to use than the normal top-mounted or side-mounted button that most mods use, but it’s really a matter of user preference.

The batteries insert into the bottom of the mod, exactly like the magazine on a gun (hence the name). I’m a sucker for cool gimmicks, so I’m definitely loving this mod from SMOK.

The full kit includes a TFV12 tank, which I’m sure most VaporVanity readers are familiar with since it’s one of the more popular tanks from this manufacturer.

SMOK Mag Kit
SMOK Mag Kit

#2. SMOK Novo

The Novo is the latest pod-based vaping system from SMOK. It contains two 2ml refillable pods. Unlike other brands that force you to use their own proprietary e-juice, the Novo pods are designed to let you drip your favorite e-liquid into them.

The powerful built-in 450mAH is more than enough to produce clouds that rival larger box mod-style devices. The entire unit is ergonomically designed from top-to-bottom, ensuring that you’ll get the most enjoyable vaping experience imaginable.

Smok Novo

#3. SMOK Stick V8

Those cylindrical, pen-shaped mods seems to be on the downslope when it comes to popularity these days. While pod vapes have been taking over, and box mods still have their die-hard fans; stick-style mods definitely deserve a place in any serious vapers collection.

The ability to conveniently slide it into your pocket, and that ergonomic form factor makes the SMOK Stick V8 a must have. But this mod isn’t all about form over function.

The 3000mAh internal battery makes this the ultimate cloud-chasing machine. It comes included with a TFV8 Big Baby tank, so you can fill ‘er up in the morning and rest easy knowing that you’re not going to run out throughout your busy day.

SMOK Stick V8
SMOK Stick V8

#4. SMOK Infinix

If there’s any vape that has the potential to be a Juul-killer it’s the Infinix.

While most modern pod vapes are merely me-too imitators that use the exact same “flash drive” design; the Infinix bucks that trend with a modern, futuristic looking device.

The Infinix includes two refillable 2ml pods. If you’re the type of person who likes to use your own favorite e-juice, then this is perfect for you. There’s no need to use any proprietary nonrefillable pods with a limited flavor selection. With the Infinix, your flavor selection includes literally every e-juice in the world. Just fill ’em up and snap it in. That’s it.

Vaping has never been easier.

SMOK Infinix
SMOK Infinix

What is the best Smok product?

The best Smok mods are:

  1. Mag Kit
  2. Novo
  3. Stick V8
  4. Infinix

Why should you buy a SMOK mod or pod vape?

SMOK is no fly-by-night operation. They are one of the original pioneers of the vaping revolution, having been founded in the early days when the Juul was just an idea that some nerds were working on in a warehouse in San Francisco.

SMOK has always been on the cutting edge of technological development, having perfected some of advanced features that most modern vapers take for granted. Their mods always have a cool futuristic design aesthetic as anyone who has vaped an Alien or Predator mod can attest.

Their customer service team is top-notch. If you ever have a problem with your mod, SMOK’s support team will take care of it. Not that you should have any issues with that. SMOK mods are built to last, unlike some of their fellow Chinese manufacturers. They are one of the leaders in the vaping marketplace, and you can’t go wrong with anything that you buy from this incredible company.

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