Smoko Starter Kit Review

Smoko e-cig with caseI have to admit, I am very picky with my vape products. I do love that my job allows me to try so many new ones, but once I get one that I really like, I use that little sucker until it’s dead. I’m a Juul lover and when it comes to the pod systems, I just keep going back to Juul.

That is, until I was sent some Smoko products.

When I pulled them out of the shipping packaging, I was thinking “oh great, more pod systems.”

I’m fussy because I like a vape to hit hard, which can be a challenge with a pod system. I also like good flavor. Pod systems tend to keep too weak for me and the flavor is either knock you on your butt strong or not there at all.

Smoko sent me three different starter systems, the Smoko Original Starter Kit, the Smoko V-Style E-Cigarette Starter Kit and two separate rechargeable batteries.

I started with the Smoko Vape E-Cigarette Original Starter Kit.

Smoko Vape E-Cigarette Original Starter Kit

It’s a sleek little system. One thing I really enjoyed about it is that is has a nice hit. It doesn’t hit too hard or too soft, something I would compare to the story of Goldielocks and the Three Little Bears. Some of us like something that hits hard, other that hits soft. The Smoko Vape E-Cigarette Original Starter Kit hits nice and smooth.

The prefilled cartridges last a decent time. I usually get about two days out of each.

However, I do find that I am charging it pretty much every day.

The nice thing is that is charges quickly. It is back to full charge within about 30 minutes and you are back in business. They also offer a variety of flavors. I was sent me Raspberry, Coffee, Fruit Burst and Mint Breeze. Honestly, I absolutely loved all these flavors. As far as a pod system, they last as long as any others I’ve tried.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Smoko Vape E-Cigarette Original Starter Kit and the flavors that are available with it. The Smoko Vape E-Cigarette Original Starter Kit sells for $19.56. This includes the device and a pod. Not too bad for your buck.

A two-pack refill sells for $10.44. This is pretty dang good for the quality of vape you are getting from the product. I have to admit, I’ll buy more and I’m pretty dang tight with my money.

Now, onto the Smoko Original Starter Kit.

Smoko Original Starter Kit

This set up is much more like a traditional cigarette in feel and hit. It looks like a cigarette but has a rechargeable battery and takes prefilled cartridges.

All in all, for such a little thing, the Smoko Original hits pretty damn hard. Not a major throat hit like a regular old stinky, the one that makes you cough, but a good, solid smooth hit.

They also offer a pretty awesome range of flavors for the Smoko Original Starter Kit.

I was sent Virginia Rolling, Absinthe, Cherry, Mint Breeze and Original. Each of these flavors delivered a pretty damn awesome flavor. I was really impressed. Usually I come across one that just had weak flavor, doesn’t hit well or is just overall nasty. But the Smoko flavors are really on the mark. Personally, I really enjoyed the fruity ones and the tobacco ones. Again, I’ll be buying more.

And, since we’re talking about money, let’s talk about how much the Smoko Original Starter Kit runs. The Smoko Original Starter Kit starter kit sells for $13.05, which is really pretty awesome for the set up.

A box of five refills sells for $15.66. This is pretty good because I found that a refill lasted me about two days. Not to shabby for what you’re getting for the price.

Now, you may be nervous to try an international product. But I have to say that I was really impressed with Smoko, which comes straight out of the UK. 

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