South Park Just Came Up With This Hilarious New Nickname for Vapes

The newest episode of South Park absolutely savaged vaping culture in Tegridy Farms, the latest episode of the hilarious series. In the episode that aired last week, Cartman and Butters decide to create a vaping syndicate to sell vapes to the kinder-gardeners at South Park Elementary.

Kyle is, of course, upset that his two friends are contributing to the “vaping epidemic” at their school and tries to stop them. They honor his request by changing up their marketing, leading to them creating a vape version of the infamous Kool Aid Man in an attempt to help promote their products.

What did Randy call vape pens in South Park?

In another plot line from the episode, Randy decides to open up an organic weed farm in rural Colorado. But things get awry when the local vaping company executives approach him to offer a partnership. Randy flips his shit and starts referring to vapes as “pussy sticks”. The episode culminates with Randy attacking a vape shop and punching all the vape bros hanging out inside. The vape executive, however, shows up with other ideas. I don’t want to spoil the final scene but it’s definitely worth watching.

What did you guys think of the new episode? Hilarious or did they get vaping culture all wrong?

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