Strawberry Queen Juice Review

While at the Vapefest in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to try a bunch of different e-juices from some of the best up and coming brands. Out of all of those brands the one that impressed me the most was Strawberry Queen. The people manning the booth were actually enthusiastic about their brand (surprisingly that’s extremely rare at vape expos, most of the time the booths are manned by people who look bored/unmotivated and wish that they were somewhere else), the presentation of the juice was amazing, and most importantly: the flavors were the bomb.

Strawberry Queen is available in four different flavors, all of them variations of strawberry: The Queen, The King, The Knight, and The Jester.

The Queen

Strawberry Queen The Queen e-juice
The Queen.


If you’re a fan of straight up fruit flavors, The Queen is right up your alley. The Queen is a straightforward freshly picked strawberry flavor.

For whatever reason, it seem likes strawberry is a tough flavor for most e-juice companies to master. Most brands that bill their juice as being “strawberry” flavored actually end up creating some weird jolly rancher inspired version of it that tastes too sweet and candy-like. This one is by far the most spot-on, accurate strawberry flavor I’ve ever tasted.

This flavor is extremely light, crisp, and refreshing, making it a great juice to vape during the cold winter months when you’re looking forward to the spring or feeling nostalgic for the summer. Vaping The Queen makes me feel like I’m eating a fresh strawberry just picked from the vine. Highly recommended.

The King

Strawberry Queen The King e-juice
The King

The King is a cool, refreshing e-juice that is billed as being a combination of strawberries and ice. This description is a little bit confusing however, because what exactly does ice taste like?

It turns out that the “ice” in the description isn’t meant to describe the flavor, but instead represents the sensation on the exhale. On the inhale you’ll get the highly accurate strawberry flavor that Strawberry Queen is famous for, and on the exhale you’ll get a nice non-mentholy cooling sensation.

The Knight

strawberry queen the knight ejuice
The Knight

The Knight combines the crisp strawberry flavor of The Queen with a rich whipped-cream flavor.

First things first, the smell of this e-liquid is unreal. It might actually be one of the best smelling e-juices I’ve ever tried, and trust me I’ve sampled quite a few. This flavor brings back memories of eating sliced strawberries dipped in whipped-cream as a kid. The strawberry flavor, while definitely present, is clearly being overshadowed by the more dominant cream notes, making it a great flavor for vapers with a sweet tooth who like creamy flavors.

The Jester

Strawberry Queen The Jester e-juice
The Jester

Vapers with a sweet tooth who aren’t looking for something as creamy as The Knight will definitely love this strawberry jelly doughnut flavored e-juice.

The Jester combines a stunningly accurate burst of strawberry jelly on the inhale with a subtle note of doughnut on the exhale. When I say that the doughnut flavor is subtle, I mean it. You might have to vape this for a few minutes before you start to notice the doughnut notes on the exhale, since the strawberry jelly flavor is so overwhelming. This is definitely a complex flavor that you’ll really want to spend some time with to fully appreciate.

All Strawberry Queen flavors are available in  70/30 VG/PG and come in 15mL and 30mL bottles. The available nicotine strengths are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. All flavors were sampled using a Wulf Mods Hell Hound mechanical box mod and RDA.

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