Study: E-Cigs Cause Massive Reduction in Tobacco Use

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A new study published in the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco shows that smokers who haven’t fully quit cigarettes still show an enormous reduction in the amount of tobacco used after they begin vaping.

The team of researchers studied young adults from the ages of 21-35 who smoked at least 10 cigarettes per day. The participants were drawn from the New York City area and consisted of a group that was given nicotine-filled e-cigs and a control group that was given a placebo.

The analysis of the study showed that the nictotine e-cig group achieved an astounding 50 percent reduction in the amount of cigarettes that they smoked after only three weeks.

The conclusion of the study stated:

“A diverse young adult sample of current everyday smokers, who were not ready to quit, was able to reduce smoking with the help of ECs. Further study is needed to establish the role of both placebo and nicotine containing ECs in increasing both reduction and subsequent cessation.”

While the results of this study might be as obvious to us as saying that drinking water reduces thirst, to the many anti-vapers out there this may come as a surprise, considering the amount of anti-vaping propaganda out there.

Will this study finally force the Big Tobacco supporters and anti-vape crazies to admit that they are full of shit? Unlikely. But once enough studies prove the effectiveness of vaping when it comes to tobacco harm reduction, the general public will realize that the people who are opposed to e-cigarettes don’t have their best interests at heart.


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