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Sub-Ohm Clearomizers: Kanger SubTank vs. Aspire Atlantis

Anyone getting into sub-ohming for the first time will probably notice that there are two main sub-ohm tanks that everybody uses: the Kanger SubTank and the Aspire Atlantis. If you’re having a tough time deciding which one is best, don’t worry because I’ve put together a handy pros and cons list for each. Check it out:

Kanger SubTank review
Kanger SubTank

Kanger SubTank


  • Can hold a ton of e-juice: 6ml with the standard coils and 4.2 ml with the RBA setup
  • Comes with different coil options plus and RBA option:
  • Normal sized 1.2 ohm coil for those times when you don’t feel like sub-ohming
  • 0.5 sub-ohm coil
  • RBA for all the nerds/elitists out there who like to rebuild their own coils
  • Produces a lot of vapor no matter which option you choose, even the clearomizer coils will give you RBA style vapor production
  • Lots of flavor, which is one of the main benefits of sub-ohming
  • Four different airflow settings
  • Ability to use older Kanger coils
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Really tall and twice as heavy as the Atlantis, only a con if you’re a weak little bitch (jk the weight actually is kind of annoying)
  • More expensive than the Atlantis
  • E-juice can occasionally get trapped between the frame and the glass
Aspire Atlantis Review
Aspire Atlantis


Aspire Atlantis


  • The size fits perfectly on almost any mod
  • Gives a good flavor, just like any sub-ohm tank
  • Comes with replacement pyrex glass (great for clumsy people like myself)
  • Large amount of vapor production
  • Four airflow settings
  • Wide replaceable drip tip


  • Can only hold 2ml of e-juice (this is the biggest drawback when compared to the Kanger SubTank)
  • Unable to use old Aspire Nautilus coils
  • Only one coil option: 0.5 ohm. Bad for those who want to change things up or think that they will be too scared to sub-ohm, since there is no coil above 1.0 ohm like the Kanger SubTank has)
  • It’s not designed to be rebuilt, which could also be a pro if you don’t have the knowledge or inclination to rebuild tanks

Which should I choose?

I like the Kanger SubTank the best for it’s greater e-juice capacity and the different coil options, but the Aspire Atlantis is also a great tank for those who want something a little bit cheaper or who don’t want to do any rebuilding.

Both tanks are available at MintyVapes.com with free shipping:

Get the Kanger SubTank for $42.99.

Get the Aspire Atlantis for $39.99.


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