Tank Vaping: Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Are you new to vaping?

There’s so much to learn. In addition to learning technology, there is an entirely new language to learn. Today we are going to go over the basics of tank vaping.

So, you want to quit smoking and take up vaping, but you don’t quite feel ready to walk into the local vape shop and get started Don’t worry, that’s perfectly natural. And more common than you may think.

The first thing to look at when you are getting started is your budget. There are a variety of starter kits, ranging from a small pen style to a full mod and tank set up. And there’s plenty more than just starter kits.

So, first, look at what you have to spend.

Next, you have to think about how you want your vape to feel. By this, I mean a couple of things. First, how do you want it to feel in your hands? When I first started I had a basic, cheap pen-style with a little, tiny tank. It felt like holding a pen in my hand, which was good, but not every person may like that. Very quickly – within days – it became clear that the little pen just wasn’t going to cut it for me.

This brings in the second feel I mentioned. I wasn’t getting enough of a hit from my little purple pen. Now, if you are new to vaping you may not know what I mean by the hit. I mean the vape hitting my mouth. My little pen topped out at 8 watts, which was a little bang, so to speak. It wasn’t given me what I needed to put down the stinky, cancer-causing, nasty sticks. I moved up to a Coolfire that topped out at 40 watts. It was much better for my needs, and, naturally, still purple, as that is my taste.

When it came to my Coolfire I just bought a color-matching tank. It served the purpose, as far as holding my juice but wasn’t the best in flavor, which I learned later. When it comes to thinking about what you want your vape to feel like, you need to know how strong you want it to hit your throat and how big and heavy you want your device. If you know other vapers, ask to hold their mods to get a feel. Some are designed to fit into your fist, others are rectangular. That’s where personal preference comes in.

I personally prefer a small mod that fits comfortably within my fist but packs a big bang. I like to vape at around 100 watts, depending on the flavor. But some people prefer something much more gentle. Next, I recommend doing some online research. Go to some vaping sites and do some pricing and window shopping. See what’s out there that’s within your budget. Check color options and other features. For example, do you want something that has a puff counter? Do you want a hard or soft hit?

Once you have a few mods or starter kits in mind, go to the vape store and actually handle them. Just like driving a car, you may like how it looks but not how it handles. It may be too heavy or too bulky. While I always suggest buying from small, local businesses, do what you feel is best. If your mod or starter kit does not include a tank, you’ll need to shop for one. The best things to look for are how much juice do you want it to hold, what kind of throat hit do you want, and how easy it is to use.

I’ve had tanks that are extremely hard to fill. Top fill is always a bonus. Some even have a swivel top that doesn’t need to be completely removed to fill. Another thing to keep in mind is coils. How long do they last, how expensive are they and how easy are they to change. Some online window shopping would be good don this topic as well.

A good vape store will show you how to prime and set up your tank for its first use. If you don’t have a good local shop or are buying online, there are a ton of YouTube videos that can teach you. Don’t be intimidated, if you don’t have anyone to ask, the information is just a Google search away.

And don’t forget batteries. Some smaller mods include a USB charging cable, these have internal batteries. Others require batteries. Number one battery tip, but good ones. It’s worth the money to have good, reliable, safe batteries. Number two battery tip, but a plastic battery case. When not in your mod and not charging, keep the batteries safely stored in a proper case. If you buy a mod that has external batteries, make sure you have a good reliable, safe charger. Again, some research, which only takes a few minutes, can go a long way.

Now, there’s an entirely different world from just a standard tank, the world of the rebuildable atomizer, or RDAs. This topic introduced an entirely new language, referring to wire, cotton, and most importantly Ohms law, but that’s a topic for a different day.

If you are thinking about switching, do some research and take the plunge. Start small, you can always build up.

Once you have a mod you can begin to explore the wonderful world of flavors.

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