The perfect bong hit

How to smoke a bong

You may not think about it but setting up your bong for a smoke session comes down to a science. There are a few common mistakes people make when smoking their bong. Let’s start with what goes in the bong. First stay away from anything with sugary liquids like pop or Kool aids as they will only gunk up your bong and make it a pain to clean. Alcohol isn’t a great idea either as it can filter out the stuff you want. You may want to consider tap water but minerals in the water can build up on the glass. The best option is distilled water

Now that you have room temperature distilled water, fill the bottom of the bong. Make sure the water is only an inch above the down stem. Too much water and it will splash your bowl and too little water, won’t be beneficial. This first reservoir of water will immediately cool down the smoke to a bearable temperature. You don’t want cold water because too cold of smoke is harder on your lungs.

If you have a bong with a percolator, put warm water in that reservoir as this will reintroduce water into the vapor making it a less dry smoke going into your lungs. Don’t put too much water in the top percolator either as that water might splash into your mouth. Next, put a few pieces of ice into your ice catcher, not too much because you don’t want it too cold. Instead of ice, snow is a nice seasonal touch you can add to your bong.

If you use this method of smoking through a bong, you will get huge flavorful hits every time.

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