This Might Be The Dumbest Vaping Product Ever Invented


In an industry that is easily mocked for creating tacky looking devices, it’s not often that I run across something that makes me feel embarrassed for being associated with vaping.

Until now. This is the type of shit that makes the rest of the world think that people who vape are absolutely fucking retarded (Well, this and cloud chasers). And if cops needed another reason to randomly shoot unarmed black kids in hoodies, now they have it! Hoodies aren’t just clothing, they’re wearable nicotine and weed delivery devices! Thanks vapRwear!

As obviously stupid as this product is, I’m sure vapRwear will make a ton of money from 16 year old virgins who are trying to get away with vaping during their second period pre-algebra class. Seriously, why didn’t this company have any one tell them that this was a horrible idea BEFORE they went public with it?

But if you’re the special type of retard who thinks that wearing a beer hat is cool, then this hoodie is right up your alley. Get yours at!


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