Today’s Mainstream Media Bullshit: Dripping Will Give Your Kids Cancer


So for some weird reason, the mainstream media is blowing up with a “new” discovery: dripping.

Yes, dripping.

That thing that you’ve been doing without incident since 2012 is now apparently a new “dangerous” phenomenon, and like all mainstream media stories about vaping, it wouldn’t be complete without a sensationalist attempt to convince soccer moms that it’s going to give their kids cancer.

You might be thinking “Ok JR, that’s enough hyperbole. You can make your point without exaggerating. Surely they aren’t really trying to tell parents that their kids will try the dripping and get cancer”.

I wish I could say that I was making this up or exaggerating for effect, but unfortunately I’m not.

Here are some actual quotes from some media articles today:

USA Today

“Dripping,” which differs from normal e-cigarette use that slowly releases the liquid from a wick onto a hot atomizer, may expose users to higher levels of nicotine and to harmful non-nicotine toxins, such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde — known carcinogens.


Experts are concerned that “dripping” could expose users to increased levels of toxins and carcinogens created when the liquid in e-cigarettes is vaporized at high temperatures.

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