Top 10 Hottest Vape Girls on Instagram: The Vape Models You Should Follow Now

Need some new vape models to follow on Instagram? We put together this list of the hottest and most popular vape girls to help you decide which ones to follow. All of the models in this list keep their Instagram updated on a regular basis with vaping-related photos. Don’t just follow these girls, however. The Vapor Vanity Instagram is the best place to stay up to date with the latest vaping news and product reviews. Follow us today.

#1. Alexandria Rae

#2. Hannah (Just Peachyy)

#3. Camille Williams

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So here’s the deal doe (say it fast it’s fun I promise)…. got a lot of DM’s after my last posts talking about friends and sex and then me being single…. seems like I got a lot of new friends. ?? Let me explain a few things… I take pics like this from time to time but this is not what I do… I miss shooting very much and I need to do more this year but I haven’t because I’m busy trying to love my best life which includes working hard. I’m the Vice President of @buckshotvaporsmfg , I have a beautiful circle of friends I love, I have 4 kids… that’s right fucking 4, I have to find time to workout and maintain an entire household myself, I have projects I’m working on that I can’t even discuss yet. So please… don’t offer to come over to my house to chill. There’s no chill except mine in that place. Don’t send me a your private bits and ask to see mine. That’s not a language I speak. You want to talk to me – have a job, a bank account, a little bit of life experience and some respect. Offer to take me someplace the atmosphere is as amazing as the food… oh ya and pay the bill. Because that’s what real men do when courting a woman. I’m independent and strong but you want me to be your sweet little something be a man worth being sweet for otherwise I’ll just take myself out. I’m doing just fine on my own. I’m not one of those girls that has to be alone to feel powerful… I would love to fall asleep next to someone every night. But the bottom line is if you aren’t ready, you can’t add anything to my life and you are not sure what you’re doing with yours… just keep movin’ along because I don’t want anymore set backs. Just keepin it real ✌?because so many of you indirectly asked. Xo! Pic by @amber_mannon queen that she is.

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#4. Amber Lee

#5. Daniela Angueira

#6. Dose of Farrah

#7. Priscilla Crystal G

#8. Elyssa Rose

#9. Alli Embers

#10. Kaylee Vapes

Who are the hottest vape models?

  1. Alexandria Rae
  2. Hannah Just Peachy
  3. Camille Williams
  4. Amber Lee
  5. Daniela Angueira
  6. Dose of Farrah
  7. Priscilla Crystal G
  8. Elyssa Rose
  9. Alli Embers
  10. Kaylee Vapes

Do vape models get paid to promote products?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there. No matter what you’re in to, you can find it on Instagram.

Instagram is also an amazing place if you’re interested in vaping. There are tons of different vaping-related profiles out there, with many posting deals and product reviews. Of course, vape brands are aware of the incredible marketing potential of Instagram. Thus, we get vape models.

Vape models like the ones we listed above are generally sponsored by different vape retailers and manufacturers. Vape girls are usually compensated with free products and even paid placements if they have enough (real) followers. Why? It’s simple: these girls make vaping look a hell of a lot better than the rest of us neckbeards do. Sponsoring these models helps them increase their sales and helps you to discover cool new products. A true win-win in my book.

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