Top 5 Mistakes Beginners Make

It doesn’t matter if you have been vaping for years or if you have just started, we are sure that you have or possibly will have a few issues when it comes to vaping. This is a list of the top five mistakes all vapers know a little too well. If you are a beginner vaper with this list maybe you will have a better chance not to make these mistakes like we did.

  •       Wrong Nicotine – When choosing your nicotine level for the first time you always need to reference the shop or company you are purchasing from. You can start by vaping a little too high of nicotine and become sickly or too little nicotine and have cigarette cravings.
  •       Wrong Flavor – Choosing a flavor when you start vaping can become overwhelming. You have over 300 flavors to choose from and sometimes are lost and not sure where to start. As a note, the process in finding a flavor you truly love starts with types of foods you like or you can start with a tobacco flavor!
  •       Not Changing your Coil – The coil inside of your tank is what turns the liquid in to vapor. I like to think of it as your “lighter” once it runs out of fuel it will no longer work. You can also think of it as a light bulb, once the coil inside the bulb gets weak and breaks it will not light. This is what happens to your coil inside of your tank. The coil in your tank will give you some warnings that let you know it is time to change it. These warnings are less vapor production, horrible taste and in some cases leaking. Each tank has its own set of coils for the most part and the all act differently and will last on average between 1 to 4 weeks. If you are having these issues with your tank try changing the coil!
  •       Forgetting to Charge your Battery – The worst thing that can happen when you start vaping is to run out of battery in your vape. It doesn’t matter if you have a vape pen, regulated mod or mechanical mod, this has happened to all vapers. Your battery is the life of your vape and if you are out on the town without a charge that could drive you crazy. Tip – charge your vape the same time you charge your phone that way it will always be charged. Just make sure you are using battery safety at all times when vaping!
  •       Getting Frustrated – Every vaper has had their ups and downs when it comes to vaping and we all know how frustrating it can be. The best part is knowing that the entire vape community is here to help! You can go to you local shop, online store or favorite social media site and you will find a community of vapers that would love to help in your vaping success. It does not matter how little or big the question is we are here to help you!

We all have mistakes that we make when we start vaping and we are all here to help each other and learn from each other. Vaping is learning and changing your lifestyle, if you want to quit smoking you will quickly embrace vaping. It doesn’t matter how long you have been vaping technology changes quickly and you will continue to learn as well. We want you to understand everyone  gets stressed about their vape every now and then and once you see how many caring vapers are out there to help you, you will succeed!

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