Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Juice – Totally Awesome!

I get sent a decent number of juices, some I buy, and others I’m sent to review. I have to tell you, I don’t think there’s been a line of juices that I have been more impressed with than Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG line.

From the moment I opened the box I could smell this juice, which is always awesome. They sent me four flavors of the TNG – or The Next Generation – line, including Grape SC, Carrot Cake, Watermelon Clouds and RWHY4.


It smelled so good that I just could not wait to give it a go, so I started almost right away with Grape SC. It smelled even better when I opened the bottle and man, was it an amazing smooth taste. I say was because I used every last drop of this awesome juice. I was expecting it to be a more of a grape soda, but it was just grape bubble gum awesomeness. Oh, and let me add that this line of juice is “optimized VG,” which I what I prefer, so it was just an extra bonus for me.

After falling in love with the Grape SC, I decided to give Watermelon Clouds a shot. Again, I was certainly not disappointed. Full, smooth flavor and a great hit.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews involving any watermelon flavored juice then you’ve seen me say that it can be hard to perfect the watermelon taste. More often than not it seems that the watermelon flavor is elusive and the target is totally missed.

Sometimes this turns into a happy mistake and the juice turns out to be a good flavor but not watermelon. Other times it is just a disaster. With Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Watermelon Clouds it was straight up watermelon, all night long.



Totally Wicked hit the nail on the head and created a fantastic watermelon juice that, unlike others, is actually watermelon flavored. Trust me, if you are into watermelon flavor, you’ve got to give this one a try. Or, if you are just into a good fruity VG juice, give Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Watermelon Clouds a shot. I personally haven’t tasted anything like it in an e-juice.

Now, let’s talk Carrot Cake. Again, this is not an easy flavor to nail when it comes to making e-juice. I have tried a good number of carrot cake juices on my own dime and been sorely disappointed.

While I enjoyed the Totally Wicked eXpedition Carrot Cake, I was not as wowed as I was with the Watermelon Clouds. It was a nice, dessert flavor that was not too weak or too strong, it was pleasant taste but it did not blow me away.

It was nice to have a carrot cake juice that did not make me gag like so many other brands. So, in summary, I liked the Totally Wicked eXpedition Carrot Cake juice as a good dessert flavor, but it did not wow me with overwhelming carrot cake flavor.

I would rate this one as good, but could be better. Now, if you vape and you are into a good tobacco taste, then the Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG line’s RWHY4. Both the smell and taste of this juice are impressive, very hardy.

I’m not personally a fan of tobacco flavored vape juice but that certainly does not mean that I can’t recognize a good one when I use it. The optimized VG really makes this a smooth hitting juice, with other the drying throat hit associated with darker juices. Even as someone who would not typically buy this juice, I found it full flavored and pleasant.And, if course, the bonus to vaping tobacco flavored e-juice against smoking a nasty stinky stick is that the smell is pleasant and dissipated quickly!


Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG is manufactured in this United States and offers 12 different juice flavors. Those flavors include Almond Enjoy, Artic Blast, Blueberry Blackberry, Cannoli Philled, Dragon Fruit, Glazed Donut, Gummi Berry and Strawberry Cupcake. After trying the four flavors this company sent me, I must admit that I am looking forward to trying some of these other flavors.

Now, let’s talk about price for just a minute.

These flavors of Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG sell at two 30ml bottles for $30 through the manufacturer. For some, this may be a dear price to pay for such a small bottle of juice. Most consumers are used to paying $20 or $25 for a 120ml bottle.

Heck, if I was in the vape shop and saw that it was $15 for a 30 ml bottle, I would probably pass it up to get more for my dollar. But, now that I have had an opportunity to try these flavors I feel they are totally worth the money. Totally Wicked really nailed the flavoring on these and went the extra mile to make them smooth and pleasant to vape. My opinion is that Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG is woth the price and worth giving it a shot.

I know I’ll be ordering some for my own personal stash. The best place to buy Totally Wicked juice at directly from the manufacturer.

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