Trump Makes Bold Statement on FDA Regulations. Did He Just Save Vaping?


In a meeting earlier today with CEOs from major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, President Trump promised to get rid of 80% of FDA regulations.

While the meeting was primarily focused on lowering the price of prescription drugs and bringing back drug manufacturing to the United States, some of Trump’s statements from the meeting are very encouraging to anyone who is worried about the demise of the vaping industry due to the bullshit FDA regulations.

Talking to the CEOs, he promised that his administration will be “cutting regulations at a level no one has ever seen before.”

Referring to FDA regulations, he said:

“Instead of it being 9,000 pages, it’ll be 100 pages.”

He also mentioned that his FDA pick will be announced soon.

When the regulations were announced in mid-2016, it seemed like all hope was lost for anyone who has had their life saved by vaping. Thanks to Trump all those former smokers might be able to keep vaping after all.

What do you think will happen? Do you think Trump will overturn the vaping regulations?

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