noshitA new study just released from the University of Cambridge proves that e-cigarette advertising does not increase the appeal of regular cigarettes OR e-cigarettes to children.

The study examined 471 English school children from the ages of 11 through 16 and attempted to determine how attracted to smoking they were after viewing e-cigarette advertisements. They were shown advertisements featuring both flavored and non-flavored e-cigs, and neither of them increased the appeal of smoking to the children who were studied.

From the study:

“Exposure to either set of adverts did not increase the appeal of tobacco smoking, the appeal of using e-cigarettes, or susceptibility to tobacco smoking. Nor did it reduce the perceived harm of tobacco smoking, which was high.”

This study appears to deal a death blow to the claim that so-called “kiddy” flavors will cause kids to want to start vaping or smoking regular cigarettes. Maybe the anti-vapers will finally retire their nonsensical “think of the children” bullshit.

In the conclusion to the study, researchers made the following definitive claim:

“Exposure to adverts for e-cigarettes does not seem to increase the appeal of tobacco smoking in children.”

Read the results of the study at the University of Cambridge website.