Upcoming Entourage Movie Features Turtle As a Vape Entrepreneur


The long awaited Entourage movie (coming in June 2015) recently became a reality with the release of a new teaser trailer that shows Vince starring in his own self-directed movie. The gang is back, including Vince, Ari, E, and most importantly the duo that helped make the show hilariously relatable, Turtle and Drama.



Times have changed since Entourage’s 2011 series finale on HBO. Having previously dabbled in the liquor and limo businesses, it seems that the business savvy Turtle has jumped on the latest growing business opportunity and invested in a vape startup. According to Grantland’s Mark Lisanti:


“If Vince seems unreasonably cool in the line of fire, it’s because no matter how bad things look in the moment, he knows that by the end of that last reel, you’ll all be standing defiantly atop the Hollywood sign, watching the subjugated city below tremble beneath the seismic success-quake of your triumphant group high five. (It’s also because he’s baked out of his mind. Turtle put some money into a vape start-up, and holy shit, it’s like a chorus of THC-spewing angels are screaming “Oh yeah!” directly into your brain.)


It remains to be seen how big of a role Turtle’s vape startup will play in the plot, but it’s definitely exciting to see vaping represented in Entourage.


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