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Let me start by saying that I have tried a lot of CBD companies. I have tried CBD in many different forms, from edibles to vapables. I have rubbed it on, rolled it on, inhaled it and ingested it. There are some companies that I absolutely love and some that didn’t wow me in the least. But I have to admit, when I find one that I like, I mean really like, I am freaking blown away.

And that’s what happened with Urbul.

This was a new company for me and my introduction to them was the Urbul CBD Pod System and the 1000 mg Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Now, I will admit, I’ve got many personal issues. First off, stress and anxiety is a major, leading factor in my life.

Second, and this is huge, I have major sleep issues. For years I have been on and off prescription medications to help me be able to sleep. Usually they don’t work, at least not for long. But, damn, the Urbul? It’s freaking off the charts. The benefits are especially noticeable when I use tinctures, which are absorbed by the body much easier than when using CBD gummies or capsules.

Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Urbul Hemp Extract with dropperI will honestly admit that I had the best sleep of my life after one use of the Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Help Extract 1000 mg tincture. And I slept sound, all night. And, let me reiterate, that never, ever happens.

I was sent a 30 ml bottle in Blood Orange and while the overall flavor didn’t wow me, the product did.

Let me talk about the flavor for just a minute. It wasn’t plug your nose and gag your way through it. It was totally tolerable and had a nice orange flavor, but wasn’t my overall cup of tea.

I have used CBD under the tongue in the past that I appreciated the affects but dreaded the actually use of due to the taste. That wasn’t the case with the Urbul tincture.

Now, let me say, when I try a new CBD product, I give it a few days to see how it is working for me. Then I give it a few days and then I either skip a day, or a few days, to see how my body responds without it. Then I implement it back into my daily routine. I do this to try to get an accurate read of how I am responding to a particular product, or line of products. When it is a product that I particularly like or respond to, I give it a longer period of time, just to make sure that it is the product and not something situational in my life.

And, oh, my stars, Urbul is off the charts.

After two weeks of using Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 1000 mg for two weeks, with skipped days in between, I was sleeping sound. When I used it, that is. But I still struggled for sleep when I didn’t. When I saw consistent success with the Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 1000, I started using the Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit throughout the day.

Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit

Strawberry Urbul CBD pod systemThe Urbul CBD System Starter Kit includes a 250 mg. This level of CBD is typically not overly effective for me. Normally it takes a significantly higher dose of CBD for me to see the impact of the CBD. I started using the Urbul CBD System Starter Kit in the mornings and then occasionally throughout the day.


Off the charts.

I actually noticed that I felt calmer, and more settled. I could see a physical difference in myself in terms of my anxiety and stress levels. I don’t usually see this from pod systems, or from lower levels of CBD. At least not to this degree. Absolutely fell in love with Urbul.

Like I keep saying, it’s freaking off the charts. Hands down.


Now, let’s take a moment and talk price.

If you have ever read any of my reviews, I always honestly admit that I am cheap. When it comes to my hard earned cash, I do not like to drop a cent on anything. Especially when it is a product that I don’t know anything about.

I’ve got a drawer of lousy vape juice that I force myself to work my way through because I paid for them and I hate them, but I’m too lousy to throw them out. I also have CBD products that I’ve bought that I force myself to use, even though they are gross, or not effective, just because I dropped the cash on them

I think most of us would agree that we would rather spend on money on something we like and that works for us. When it comes to Urbul, I would happily hand over my money.

The Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit sells for $50. This includes the device a starter pod and a charging cable. Everything you need to get going and keep you going for a while. CBD is different than traditional vaping, meaning that you don’t hit it as often. One dose will last you a really long time. I’ve been using the pod including with the starter system for over a month, with a couple of hits a day, and I’m still good on it.

So, the Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit is totally worth the money. I’d spend mine on it, and I’ll be ordering replacement pods in another few weeks. I make it a habit to keep a good product in my personal stock.

The Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 1000 mg 30 ml bottle sells for $65. Now, these may seem like a lot for the size of the bottle. I admit, as a consumer, I’d probably think look at that price tag and just keep walking.

However, after having tried Urbul and having actually slept.


Did you see that word?

I slept like what I consider a normal person does. And it was glorious. Out of all of the health benefits of CBD, the way it affects my sleep is by far the most noticeable for me. CBD is useful for a variety of ailments, however. I have friends who use it for anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and pain relief. It really is an amazing substance. Just experiment with the dosage until you find the right amount for your needs and you’ll be seeing the benefits of hemp CBD in no time!

After actually having slept, I would gladly pay $65 a bottle for Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 1000 mg. And, that’s saying something, because I’m cheap as hell. So, overall, I was extremely impressed with Urbul products and I am interested in trying others.

If you’re looking for an effective CBD line, I recommend checking out Urbul. You’ll get all of the effects of CBD in a variety of delicious flavors. All of their products are free of THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting high or failing a drug test. What more could you want?

Remember to always check for the latest Urbul coupon codes before you buy so that you can get a huge discount on your next purchase.

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