Utillian 420 Vaporizer Review

The 420 is the latest release from Utillian, an up-and-coming company that is quickly gaining a reputation for creating affordable, high-tech herbal vaporizers.

The 420 is compatible with dry herbs. It features full-convection vaporization tech, four preset temperature control settings, expertly crafted glass mouthpiece, ceramic chamber, and a crisp digital display.

How does the Utillian 420 stack up compared to other budget-friendly dry herb vapes? Let’s take an in-depth look and find out.

Ease of Use

The Utillian 420 is super-easy to load.

Just unscrew the glass mouthpiece, grind up your herb and put it into the exposed heating chamber. Put the mouthpiece back on and you’re ready to start vaping. As with most dry herb vapes, you’ll want to avoid overpacking the heating chamber as it can impede the airflow. The instruction manual for the Utillian recommend packing it at a medium density, and I found that following that suggestion gave the best results.

If you want to change the temperature on your Utillian 420, just press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The display will indicate which preset heating temp you’re on. To cycle through all the options, just repeat the process, holding the button for three seconds until you find the setting that you prefer.

When you turn on your unit (by pressing the button 5 times in rapid succession), it’ll automatically start heating up. You can turn it off manually by pressing the button 5 times again, or you can wait 10 minutes and it’ll shut off automatically.

Overall, the Utillian 420 is an extremely straightforward and easy to use dry herb vape.


With the low price of the Utillian, you’d be reasonable to expect that it’s going to be severely lacking in the performance department.

Surprisingly, however, it does really well with both vapor quality and vapor production.

Is it on par with some of the more high-end units, like the Firefly or the PAX? Of course not.

But for what it is, the Utillian 420 gives you really solid performance that punches above it’s price tag.

The all-glass mouthpiece does a really great job of preserving the flavor of your herbs, especially on the lower temperature presets. Once you crank it up to the higher temperature settings, you’ll start to notice a lot more vapor production. This is great for those times when you want to blow massive clouds. The glass mouthpiece does a fairly good job of reducing the harshness of the vapor on those high settings, so you get less lung irritation.

The Utillian 420 does a much better job of providing you with flavor and vapor production when compared to other budget units for a few different reasons. The length of the vapor path and glass mouthpiece helps tremendously with reducing the harshness of the vapor and preserving flavor. You also get a much looser airflow than most other budget vaporizers, which of course gives you bigger clouds.


The Utillian 420 is very well-crafted for it’s price point.

The exterior is a smoothly machined aluminum shell that feels high end and sits in your hand ergonomically. This is a cool aesthetic feature because most other low-end vaporizers feature a plastic outer shell. The aluminum shell also helps make the Utillian 420 significantly less likely to be damaged during a fall.

The 420 features a single-button activation, which makes the whole unit appear seamless (no unnecessary buttons cluttering up the exterior) and also simplifies the operation of the device, making it way easier for you to use.

The LED display is quite small, but still provides you with all the necessary info you need to optimize your vaping experience.

Where to Buy the Utillian 420

The best place to buy the Utillian 420 herbal vaporizer is from Toronto Vape. They have excellent customer service and lightning-fast shipping to the United States from Canada.

Do you have a Utillian 420? Let everyone know what you think about it in the comments section below!

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