Vape Chemist E-Juice Review

Vape Chemist is an e-juice company that manufactures some of the most popular e-juice flavors. The company is most famous for their Phillipine Mango flavor, which is widely considered to be one of the best mango flavors on the market. 

How does Vape Chemist compare to the competition? There are tons of great e-juice companies out there, and it can be tough for any one of them to stand out. We’ll find out what qualities differentiate Vape Chemist from the competition and let you know whether this brand is worth spending your hard-earned money on.


Vape Chemist seems to focus on creating fruity dessert flavors. If that’s not your thing, this probably isn’t the brand for you. But if you have a sweet tooth then these flavors are the perfect choice.

The Strawberry Pound Cake is by far one of my favorite flavors. This flavor is a perfect combination of fresh strawberry and sweet poundcake. It has just the right amount of each flavor; giving you a balanced, premium vapor.

Pink Matter is another strawberry flavor. But rather than infusing the strawberry with a sweet dessert, this flavor combines it with a cooling menthol sensation. If you’re looking for something fruity and refreshing, this is a great option.

Vape Chemist has definitely made a name for itself with their Philippine Mango flavor, which is by far their most popular. Why Philippine Mango instead of, you know, regular ol’ mango flavor? As it turns out, the Philippines are known for producing the sweetest mangoes in the world. So you already know going in to this one that it’s going to be on the sweet side rather than the tart mango flavor that a lot of other companies use. If you’re a fan of pure fruit flavors, this is the best choice for you.

Mango Pound Cake combines the sweet, refreshing mango flavor that made Vape Chemist famous with a subtle pound cake dessert infusion. This is my favorite flavor from their lineup because it isn’t too heavy on the pound cake flavor. It’s more like 70% mango and 30% pound cake, giving you just enough sweetness to complement the fruity mango flavor.


The smallest size that Vape Chemist carries is a 60mL, which retails for $19.99. If you want to buy in bulk and save, you can purchase a 120mL bottle for $24.99. Vape Chemist makes their flavors available in a 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg formulation.

Bottom Line

If fruity dessert flavors are your jam then you’re going to love Vape Chemist. If you prefer other flavors – like tobacco, straight menthol, or others – then look elsewhere. Vape Chemist has chosen to narrow their focus on the flavors that have made them the most popular and this dedication is definitely apparent in the products that I tried.

The best place to buy Vape Chemist is directly from their website.

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