Vape Explosion Video: Battery Violently Blows Up in Vape Shop


In a shocking video that was recently posted to Instagram, you can see a guy in a B&M shop take a puff off of a vape and immediately afterwards the battery explodes and launches across the room in a fiery explosion, causing everyone to immediately hit the ground for cover. Unfortunately, the original video was taken down by Instagram and the closest thing to a mirror that I could find was this video of a video.

The quality is really shitty and I can’t tell what the guy was vaping, but based on the numerous incidents lately, it’s safe to assume that it was some kind of mechanical mod. The video also doesn’t show if anyone was injured, but with the size of that explosion it’s also safe to assume that there were injuries.

If anyone can find a better version of the video let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post.

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