Do YOU Vape in Non-Smoking Zones? Should You?


More than 60 percent of you vape in non-smoking zones, according a recently released study from the University of California, San Diego.

The study also found that approximately three-quarters of vapers opposed banning e-cigarettes in areas where smoking is banned. Most also don’t view the devices as harmful to themselves and others.

While most states have laws banning smoking in certain public places and workplaces, the majority of them do not have any laws regarding where vaping is permitted. Of course, the lead study author Shu-Hong Zhu thinks that we need even more specific laws banning vaping to help protect others from second-hand vapor. She told Reuters Health:

“If you leave it to the e-cigarette users to interpret, they don’t think the law covers them.”

Other interesting findings from the study:

  • Youth Gone Wild: Approximately 75% of 18-29  year olds have vaped in a non-smoking area. Older vapers were significantly less likely to do so.
  • People who vaped every single day were twice as likely to vape in a non-smoking zone than less frequent vapers.
  • Most common smoke-free places where people reported vaping were service areas (bars, restaurants, etc) followed closely by workplaces.
  • Vapers also reported using e-cigs in malls, movie theaters, hospitals, and schools.
  • 2.5% reported getting negative reactions from others while vaping in non-smoking zones. Most reported neutral reactions.
  • 89% believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes
  • 62% believe that vaping is not harmful at all
  • 83% think that second-hand vapor is not harmful

In my opinion, you should try to avoid vaping in smoke-free zones. Yes we all know that vaping is not the same thing as smoking, but come on. Let’s try to counter the perception of vapers as being spergy douchebags (How socially awkward are you guys if you really think that only 2.5% of people have a negative opinion of vaping in smoke-free zones? Trust me, 99% of people want to punch you in the dick). “B-b-b-but the sign only said no smoking. It’s just water vapor bro!”. You might be following the letter of the law but you’re definitely violating the spirit of it. When you’re in a non-smoking zone, the goal is to prevent people from breathing in large clouds of stuff without their consent. Doesn’t matter if it’s vapor or smoke. I mean seriously, are you guys actually vaping in hospitals?

And if you vape in a movie theater you should not be surprised if someone roundhouse kicks you in the back of the head. I’m not saying that I would kick you, but if someone else did I would definitely start a slow clap. Shit’s not cool man.

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