VapeCraft Juice Review

Vapecraft e-juiceVapeCraft Inc. is a budget-friendly e-juice company that manufactures juice under both the VapeCraft and the Vapors Anonymous brand names. In an industry where everyone is trying to go after the “premium” market with juices that are selling for $13+ for 15mL, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see a brand that is unabashedly going for the lower end.

But does a low-end price really mean inferior quality? Let’s find out.


I had the opportunity to sample to different flavors from their VapeCraft line: Strawberry Custard and Candy Watermelon. The juices from this brand come in little plastic squirt bottles as opposed to the glass bottles with dropper combo that most brands come in. They’re wrapped in a minimalist, almost entirely black-and-white wrapper with that cheap, “sticky” feel to it. But you know what? These flavors are cheap. A 15mL bottle will run you $3, and a 120mL bottle costs $15. For those low prices, I’m more than willing to overlook the aesthetic limitations.

Strawberry Custard

Vapecraft strawberry custard
Strawberry Custard

This sweetness on the strawberry flavoring that was used in this e-liquid is extremely powerful and overwhelming. The custard, while definitely present, doesn’t really blend in with the strawberry flavor in a coherent way. This flavor is great for satisfying your sweet tooth but leaves a lot to be desired when compared to more top-shelf strawberry custard brands.

Candy Watermelon

Vapecraft Candy Watermelon
Candy Watermelon

This flavor smells exactly like a watermelon jolly rancher which definitely got me excited to see if the taste matched up to my expectations.

It’s definitely a very sweet watermelon flavor, but it’s lacking a certain something that would make it stand out as a true representation of watermelon candy. This flavor is more like a weak watermelon flavor combined with extra sweetener. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not bad, but in my opinion it’s a very basic flavor lacking in any complexity.

Final thoughts on the VapeCraft brand

It’s obvious upon sampling both of these flavors that they aren’t even close to being top-shelf “premium” e-juices. But they aren’t trying to be.

This brand is trying to fill a niche in the low-priced budget friendly category, and it should be compared to other juices that are occupying a similar space in the market. When viewed through that lens, both of these flavors are a phenomenal deal. The flavors taste good and they are cheap. What more could you want?

Vapors Anonymous

The Vapors Anonymous brand from VapeCraft seems to be a slightly more upscale line compared to the the namesake VapeCraft brand. These juices actually come in the standard glass bottles, but they are still wrapped with a cheap feeling label. These bottles retail for slightly more: $5.95 for 15mL, $10.95 for 30mL, and $26.95 for 120mL.

Milk of the Gods

Vapors Anonymous Milk of the Gods
Milk of the Gods

Milk of the Gods is a standard horchata flavor: a creamy rice, cinnamon, and almond flavor with some extra sweetness. To be honest, this one was actually really good. I’ve tasted horchata blends from some of the so-called “premium” e-juice companies that were actually inferior to Milk of the Gods. If I was in the mood for an horchata flavored vape, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this one. At only $5.95, it’s a steal compared to paying twice that for the premium brand name.

The Sponsor

Vapors Anonymous The Sponsor
The Sponsor

This one is more a fruity flavored e-juice blend with a powerful apple and peach flavor complemented by additional fruity flavors to round out the complexity. I tasted hints of watermelon and citrus in addition to the main flavors. I was surprised to find that this one had a more crisp, “natural”, fruit-flavoring considering that the other flavors appeared to be a little bit heavy on the sweetener. There’s nothing in particular to make this one stand out, but it’s definitely worth the $5.95 price tag.

Final thoughts on the Vapors Anonymous brand

This brand is slightly more pricey than the VapeCraft brand but the price increase is totally justified. The flavors might not be as unique or well-blended as more expensive juices, but you get what you pay for. In this case, you get a quality e-liquid at an affordable price. If that’s what you’re looking for than you can’t go wrong with this brand.

In conclusion, both of VapeCraft Inc.’s brands are highly affordable and do a decent job at offering a quality product at that low price point. The juices are all available in a 70/30 VG/PG blend, making them great for cloud chasing. Their website definitely needs work, since most of the flavor descriptions appear to be written by an ESL student and the abundance of obviously fake five star reviews are a bit ridiculous. But don’t let that turn you off from their product, because it’s actually decent for what it is.

All flavors were sampled using a Wulf Mods Hell Hound mechanical box mod and RDA.

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