Vaping Cannabis Comes to NJ

The state of New Jersey recently changed medical cannabis legislation for the better, local reports announced. The state now allows dispensaries to carry THC vape cartridges previously outlawed. Dispensaries were previously only authorized to sell topical applications, cannabis flower, and oral lozenges. Since the waiver, two providers have already applied to carry the cartridges. One dispensary, Curaleaf New Jersey, started selling cannabis cartridges as early as last Friday.

The Changing Times

State legislators approved to expand New Jersey’s medical cannabis program back in March. Governor Phil Murphy proposed the expanded program early 2018. Since Murphy took office, New Jersey has just about doubled in patients seeking medical cannabis treatment. His administration wants to make healthier options available for patients.

Jeff Brown, NJ Assistant Health Commissioner, said the state prioritized making more medical cannabis options available. The state ratified an amendment to their Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. Lawmakers expect the final rules changes to go into effect soon, but would not offer an exact date.

“We’re always open to accepting ideas and applications for products,” Brown told local press. He added that he did not see reason providers should wait for the rules to be finalized before they offered their products. New Jersey currently has 6 dispensaries, but will soon double the number of providers, per Gov. Murphy.

First in Class

Curaleaf NJ President, George Schidlovsky, told press the decision “opens the door to a lot of new products.” “Vaporizing cannabis concentrate is considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and is a fast-acting form of administration,” Schidlovsky argues. US and UK research and continued study corroborate the sentiment.

“As the largest dispensary on the East Coast, serving hundreds of patients daily, Curaleaf has the resources and production capacity to reliably market and distribute new products that our patients depend on to live life well,” Schidlovsky told BusinessWire.

Curaleaf NJ manufacturers their medical cannabis products above the already rigorous state standards. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Curaleaf operates 28 dispensaries across 12 states. The company also owns and maintains 12 cultivation labs and 9 processing locations, and specializes in limited license states like Florida, where cannabis legislation is newer and more stringent than that of New Jersey.

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