Vaping CBD Flower: Is It Safe for You?

Confused about how to consume CBD flowers?

Wondering whether vaping is better than edibles or topicals?

Thinking if it will be safer than smoking?

Are the effects of CBD flowers magnified when vaped?

Don’t let all this confusion cloud your mind before making your purchase.

Let us help you with the right kind of information to help you vape with a clear mind and calm body so that you can focus better on making confident choices while buying the best CBD flowers online.

About CBD Flowers

Before we get into the nitty-gritties of vaping CBD flowers, let us give you a clear and concise picture.

CBD flower is derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is a kind of cannabis plant that does not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This makes its extracts (or its raw herb form) non-psychotropic and non-intoxicating.

Do not confuse hemp with Marijuana. Although it is still a cannabis plant, Marijuana contains much higher levels of THC. That is why Marijuana is both psychotropic and illegal.

CBD (read hemp) flowers have a low-Delta-9 THC level and it is absolutely legal. It lets you feel the potent calming effects of cannabidiol (CBD) without making you high.

Yet the flowers’ low THC content is enough to provide you with the synergistic effects of all the hemp-based cannabinoids.

Besides the cannabinoids, the CBD flower contains several other types of natural chemicals, known as flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. All these compounds work in harmony to make you feel better and well.

How is Smoking CBD Flower Different from Vaping?

How are smoking and vaping different? Why should one choose to vape instead of smoke?

Many users are not very clear about the basic differences between vaping and smoking CBD flowers.

Smoking CBD flowers is a popular recreation among many people. It offers potent doses of CBD quite instantly, as it gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs when you inhale the smoke you draw. After the CBD reaches your blood vessels, you can experience the effects within seconds.

However, the relaxed feeling you may experience may last only for about an hour or so. This makes the user smoke more frequently.

However, in the long run, smoking can be harmful to your lungs even if you do not smoke any harmful substances. That is due to the fact that when the herb burns, a lot of harmful gases are produced, which, when you inhale, causes a lot of congestion in your lungs and throat and could aggravate an existing pulmonary problem.

That is why a lot of CBD flower smokers have switched to vaping CBD flowers – instead of smoking them.

In the case of vaping, your lungs absorb the vapor, as well as they, would when you smoke, but without any of the harmful gases, as there is no combustion taking place.

So, if you use CBD flower in a vaporizer, it can be way more effective.

By vaping, you may feel the effects of CBD stronger since vaping preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the hemp than smoking would. The herbs burn at a very high temperature that could break down the cannabinoid compounds, making them less potent or effective.

The strong entourage effect that you feel lasts longer and ultimately also limits the frequency of vaping, helping you save a lot of money. Unlike smoking, vaping only a few times does the job. Also, you can experience the taste and the full flavor of the hemp flowers through vaping.

Overall, vaping gives you a more satisfying and lasting experience than smoking.

How To Vape CBD Flowers

If you’re experimenting with different ways of consuming CBD flowers and vaping is the next option on your list, it’s time to get some in-depth knowledge on the different components of a vape device.

Components of a Vaping Device

#1. The first thing is the heating chamber. This is where you put the CBD flower and heat it. It then releases the vapor and you can inhale it.

#2. The power supply is the next component of the device. Vapes are powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries or you can ones with plug-ins, like a USB drive.

#3. A mouthpiece is what you use to inhale the vapor. The length and material of a mouthpiece may vary, changing the way you experience vaping in general.

#4. Not every vape has a temperature control feature. But most good quality and expensive ones come with buttons to adjust the temperature.

#5. A lot of good vaping devices come with cleaning supplies. The cleaning kit may include replacement parts, swabs, and small brushes, and it allows you to maintain your device better, without having to invest in such items separately.

Now that you know the components, you can understand the process of vaping better.

Vaping Procedure

#1. Plugin the device and warm it up

Usually, you will find a light (or LED) indicator that would glow, indicating the power and temperature settings. Most users go for a range of 360 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. For milder effects, you could lower the temperature, while for stronger effects, you can choose temperatures above 400 degrees.

#2. Grind the herb properly

We recommend that you buy a grinder instead of using your hand to crush the herb into fine bits. Crushing the flower with your hand could reduce the overall potency and quality of the herb.

#3. Load the herbs.

The next thing you would want to do is load the heated vape chamber with the CBD flower. You can insert about 0.25 to 0.5 grams at one go. You should grind the herb finely enough to fit smoothly into the chamber. Carefully insert the ground hemp ensuring there is no wastage. This will also ensure proper heating of the herbs. Thorough heating will give you the appropriate effects.

#4. Make sure the pieces of device are in order – and draw

Take a drag using the mouthpiece and make sure that you see and taste the vapor. Feel your taste buds tingle with the flavors and smell the aroma as you inhale the vapor. If you can smell and taste the herbs properly (without sensing any burnt smell or taste), you know the vape is working properly.

Pace yourself during and between sessions. Don’t overdo it.

Newbies should be able to experience the effects more potently. if you find that the vapor has become thin or flavorless, check the chamber for the hemp load.

Once you are done, any leftover hemp should be tossed out. Never use the same herbs in your next session. You could, however, use it with edibles after washing them properly.

If you are a newbie, you could go wrong numerous times. Keep practicing the whole process until you become a pro!

How Do I Choose Vape Products?

Okay, so now that you’re well-versed with the process, you need to find the right product. With vaping gaining popularity, it has become difficult to identify a good quality device from a not-so-good one.

Newbies may not always know which brand to trust or which kind of device to choose.

Relax. We’ll help you.

Here’s what you must remember while looking for a good vaping device:

Right Size and Shape

We know that when you hear “vapes”, you think of a small pocket-sized device that’s easy to carry. But larger ones are also available, just in case you don’t already know.

The larger vaporizers are sold as “desktop vaporizers”. These are generally kept plugged into wall sockets. The smaller ones are travel-friendly and powered by rechargeable batteries.

If you are a frequent traveler, smaller vapes will be good for you. On the other hand, if you have a place to come back to for vaping in peace, then you can go for a larger vaporizer.

According to your lifestyle, get yourself the best size!


With almost every other brand promising high quality, make sure a vape is authentic when you order it online. Buy it from a licensed retailer and look for the best brands in the market. Avoid wasting your time on brands that are not transparent.

Look for quality and safety. To know more, you can visit local shops and learn about the models available.

Price and Features

Price is a factor you must look for. We know everyone has a budget but it’s always better to look for a product that is worth investing in.

The price range for vaporizers is $80 to $300 and even beyond. So, once you look at the price, also look at the product features and the functionality.

Don’t fall for a cheap product that may not even work properly.

Flowers and Concentrates

While you look forward to vaping the CBD flower, you may get lured by the price of CBD concentrate vaporizers. These are cheaper and smaller but not fit for vaping CBD flowers.

Buy a vaporizer specifically designed for dry herbs, like raw CBD flowers. Focus more on quality than price and it will lead you to a better purchase decision.

You can also get a hybrid vape. These are high-end models which are usually expensive but you can be sure of their quality.

Final Take on Vaping CBD Flower

As more and more users become aware of the harmful effects of smoking, vaping is gaining in popularity. Not only is vaping a healthier alternative to smoking, but it also makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Also, the duration of the effects matters. Who doesn’t want to feel the amazing effects for a little longer? Right? We all do!

So, why not switch to vaping?

We’ve tried to jot down every detail regarding CBD flower vaping. If you’re a newbie, you have all the information you need to begin.

Check the quality and safety of products and their authenticity as well. Invest wisely in the right products and you’ll not regret your decision.

So, go ahead, buy yourself a good-quality vaporizer – and begin your new experience!

Happy vaping!

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