What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?


As vaping becomes more popular, we see more and more questions about vaping techniques. One thing many new entrants to the vaping hobby ask is this: what is mouth to lung vaping?

In this blog post, we’ll explain what mouth to lung vaping is, how you do it, why you’d do it, and what kit and products you need for the best vaping experience. So lead on!

So What Does Mouth to Lung Vaping Mean?

This is the easy part. Vaping mouth to lung basically means that the vapour goes from your coil, through the tip of your ecigarette, into your mouth and then into your lungs after a short pause.

How Do You Vape Mouth to Lung?

If you’ve ever smoked, and a huge percentage of vapers have smoked at one point or other in their lives, then you vape mouth to lung in pretty much the same way you smoke a cigarette.

You put the tip of the ecigarette in your mouth, hold down the button to activate the coil and then gently suck the vapour into your mouth. When it’s there, you hold it for a second or two, enjoying the flavour and the sensation, and then you inhale it from your mouth into your lungs.

Want to know more about mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping? Here’s a guide.

Why Vape Mouth to Lung?

There are a number of reasons any vaper would decide to vape mouth to lung. Let’s go through them.

  1.    You’re used to it.

If you’ve smoked, you’ll vape mouth to lung almost as a reflex action. Vaping any other way would require conscious effort on your part, and you’ll probably just keep doing what you’re familiar with. For a while, anyway.

  1.    Better flavours

Letting the eliquid vapour linger on your tongue gives you more of a chance to savour the flavour. There are thousands of eliquid flavours on the market, and as a vaper you really want to experience them properly.

  1.    Less harsh throat hit

Breathing straight in – vaping direct to lung – can be harsh on your throat. And a coughing fit isn’t fun for anyone. By holding the vapour in your mouth for a few moments, you reduce that throat hit.

  1.    Smaller clouds

Non-vapers get frustrated by cloud chasers. But massive, billowing clouds are only generated by direct to lung vaping. If you’re in public, or you want to be discreet, mouth to lung vaping is definitely the way to go.

Why vape direct to lung? This guide explains all.

Best Products for Mouth to Lung Vaping

If you’re interested in mouth to lung vaping, you need the right kit. Fortunately, most standard vapes are suitable. But here’s a quick checklist:


  •         Vape pens
  •         Cigalikes
  •         Pod vapes


  •         High PG liquids
  •         50/50 liquids
  •         Short fills
  •         High nicotine liquids

Hopefully you’re now prepared to answer the question of “what is mouth to lung vaping” next time you’re asked. If you have any questions, you can always leave us a comment below.

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