Vaping Robot to Test the Safety of E-Cigs

Researchers at the University of Miami are using a vaping robot to test the effects that vaping may have on human lungs.

vaping robot
R2D2. Not the actual “vaping robot”.

The robot takes one puff off of a “specially designed e-cigarette” (take note of the words “specially designed” for whenever the results are used to demonize vaping in the future. Reminds me of the formaldehyde study that used vapes that produced more formaldehyde than normal). The vapor is then blown over cells taken from the lining of a human airway, which will theoretically give an accurate indication of the effects that vaping has on actual humans.

Interestingly, they are also testing a liquid that is designed to simulate the 0mg e-juice, so the results won’t entirely be based around the effects of the nicotine. Says one of the researchers:

“Just because these fluids are safe to put on your skin or to drink them, they’re not necessarily safe to inhale into the lungs”

This is an interesting study for all vapers to keep an eye on, as the results could be used by the FDA to decide what type of regulations should be placed on the vaping industry.

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