Vaping Wax: E-Nails vs. Vape Pens

Waxy concentrates are fast becoming the preferred way to consume THC amongst vapers in the know, beating out dry herbs and oils to become the most popular substance on the market.

Now when you’re looking for a wax vaporizer, most beginners tend to go with the tried-and-true vape pen (or even a larger portable vaporizer) over e-nails for the sake of simplicity.

But is that a good call?

Benefits of wax vape pens

Micro vaped vape pen

Pen-style vaporizers offer one glaring advantage:

They’re portable.

Like, really portable.

They aren’t much larger than an actual pen (you know, the thing you write with) so they’re easy to carry around in your pocket or purse for those times when you need to take a stealth hit when you’re out and about.

Pens tend to vary wildly in quality, from cheap disposable “rip-and-ditch” style pens to much more pricey ones that give you more high-end features and let you actually get the full capabilities out of your wax.

The downside is that they will be much less powerful than e-nails, or even the larger more boxy-looking portable vapes. You’ll also only be able to vape a small amount of wax at a time, and the battery life tends to be less-than-stellar (although battery life varies widely).

I’d recommend that you go with either the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector or the Dr. Dabber Aurora.

You can also view all wax vape pens.

Benefits of e-nails

Dab Ninja

If you want to go to the moon, e-nails are the only way to vape wax.

Dabbing has become super trendy lately, and for damn good reason:

It gets you a much more potent and strong vaping experience when compared to any other type of wax vaporizer.

When you vape with an e-nail, you’ll place a “dab” (small amount of highly concentrated waxy concentrate) on your heating element.

Other than the raw power that you’ll get out of e-nails, they’ll also help you to unleash more of the flavor from your waxes, since it allows for the presence of more available terpenes.

I’d recommend that you buy the Dab Ninja or the Dr. Dabber Boost.

Or you can view all e-nails.

While both e-nails and wax pens have their place in your vaping arsenal, e-nails are the way to go if you want to fully experience your concentrate like you never have before.

Pens are great if you need something that’s easy to carry around, but you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality for the portability.

Either way it’s up to you and *YOUR* own unique needs.

Need help deciding which e-nail to buy? Read our review of the best e-nails.

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