VaporFi Brand and Online Vape Shop Review

VaporFi is one of the subsidiaries of International Vapor Group Inc. which in turn is a part of Turning Point Brands. Turning Point Brands is a leading provider of “Other Tobacco Products” in the US. Aside from VaporFi, there are seven other companies under the Turning Point Brands umbrella. Unlike other companies that focus solely on vape products or exclusively on tobacco products, the company has products across different smoking segments.

Vaporfi logo with products

VaporFi is one of the go-to brands if you want a place where you can get all of your vaping needs. Aside from the wide variety of e-cigarette brands, they also carry a great selection of vape juices in different flavors. There are also accessories available for vape enthusiasts.  

One thing that sets them apart from other vape brands though is their CBD products. You can count on VaporFi for your CBD needs, whatever brand you prefer. They have CBD vape pens, CBD oils, juices, edibles, tinctures, capsules, and concentrates. They also have CBD products for your pets.

SnowWolf VFeng BF 100W Squonk Vape Starter Kit

Snowwolf Vfeng mod

Squonk mods are quickly catching up when it comes to popularity. If you don’t know what squonk mods are, these are bottom feeder mods that allow users to store the e-juice bottle inside the mod itself. This means that you have more vape juice available for use. You don’t have to content yourself with small capacity tanks anymore. Because of this design, this is ideal for those who vape heavily the entire day. It can also be great for cloud chasers. A common complaint with most mods is the tendency to run out of juice before the day is over. You can always refill your tank, but if there’s a way to last a day without the need for refills then why not.

What makes this squonk mod special?

The large e-juice capacity of the VFeng makes this ideal for those who use vape mods as smoking cessation products. Smokers who use vapes to quit smoking use up a lot of juice. Now, there are other squonk mods in the market but what sets the SnowWolf VFeng apart from them is its capacity to store two e-juice bottles at the same time. Not only does this mean double the e-juice capacity, but it also means that you can use this squonk mod if you want to mix two different vape flavors. Each tank has a 3ml capacity so you have a total of 6ml of e-juice at your disposal. That is twice the normal amount of e-juice than most vape devices offer.

The body of the mod is made from high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel. This guarantees that you have a sturdy and durable mod. The design is muted and not as over-the-top as most new vape mods. I can see corporate types using this mod because it looks sophisticated. What I don’t like about the design though is the irregular shape of the mod. Unlike other mods that have a more or less rectangular shape, the VFeng has some raised portions that might get snagged. However, those same portions also give the squonk mode additional grip so I think it’s not that bad.

The menu is in a 1.3inch TFT screen. This is not as bright as OLED screens but the TFT screen provides better viewing angle when your outside and it’s bright. The VFeng uses an advanced chipset that allows the user to fire up to 100w. There are also temperature control settings available to users such as TCR and TFR adjustments.

Is it safe to use?

The VFeng also provides users with a versatile range of battery options. You can use a single 18650, 20700, or a 21700 battery. You need to purchase the battery separately though. VFeng also has all the safety features you’d expect from a vaping device of this caliber. It has Reverse Battery Protection, Low Resistance Protection, and Battery Imbalance Protection. On top of these, VFeng also has Low Input Voltage Warning, Short Circuit Protection and Overheat Protection.

CBDfx Vape Pen Kit (30mg)

Blueberry and Strawberry CBDFX vape pens

Like what I mentioned earlier, VaporFi carries CBD products as well. One such product is the CBDfx Vape Pen Kit. If you’re looking for a portable and discreet CBD vaping device then your search is over. It is small enough for you to stow it in a purse or even your pocket.

This is an ideal kit if you’re new to vaping. The CBDfx vape pen doesn’t have any buttons or complicated menus. All that you need to do is draw on the pen to get that perfect firing action. These pens come pre-filled with 30 mg of organic CBD. You have a choice between 4 CBD vape flavors. You go with Tropic Breeze, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, or Fresh Mint.

What’s unique about these flavors is each flavor has different CBD strength. Fresh Mint has the least CBD content while the strongest one is the Tropic Breeze. I personally like the Blue Raspberry because of its nice fruity flavor plus it’s just the right strength for me.

These are disposable vape pens so you just throw them away after you’ve used up all of the CBD inside them. The pen is also fully-charged so you don’t need to charge it before use. This device is great for those who want to limit their CBD intake per day. Just take one pen with you when you go out.

Once you’ve figured out which CBD strength and flavor suits you, you can purchase these pens in large batches so you don’t need to order all the time. Or you can move to CBDfx’s refillable vape pen so you don’t need to throw away a vape pen after every use.

How easy is it to order from VaporFi?

Searching for products and placing an order on VaporFi’s website is as easy as it can be. You can filter products by brand or by wattage. There is also an option for you to filter devices by type, like vape pens, herbal vaporizers or vape mods. And if you are budget-conscious like me, you even have the option to limit your selection within a particular price range.

They also have physical stores you can go to. You can use the store locator on their website so you can search for a VaporFi store near you. This is great for those who like personally seeing devices before making a purchase.

Overall, VaporFi is one of the most complete vape stores I’ve seen. They have a great selection of products and brands to satisfy all of your vaping needs. If you don’t like hopping from one site to another then go to VaporFi and you might just save yourself the hassle of looking at multiple websites to find what you’re looking for.

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