Video: Brendan Schaub Announces That His Son is Seizure-Free After Using CBD Oil

Brendan Schaub, comedian and former MMA figher, made a huge announcement on Episode 406 of The Fighter and the Kid podcast: his son is seizure-free after he started using CBD oil to treat his epilepsy. In the podcast, he said:

My son is seizure-free since he started CBD oil. He used to have one or two, he was more on the mild spectrum of things.

Why did Brendan Schaub decide to give his son CBD oil?

He goes on to talk about how he found out about a recent FDA-approved seizure medicine that contains CBD, but that it costs $35,000. Obviously regular CBD oil is a much more affordable alternative. Schaub says:

But if you know your shit, you can just kind of figure where to get CBD oil at. Especially from a legit place where you don’t have to go through a pharmacy or a doctor. This thing with my son, there’s some medication they can give him, you know. And for some kids who have it really bad you can give them these medications, but they’ve found that CBD oil does way more wonders than these other prescribed medicines. It’s way more healthy for you. Because there’s some crazy side effects with the drugs that they want to give kids. It’s crazy. Lethargic, it changes their mood, their personalities. It can cause a bunch of problems. But since we fired up this CBD oil zero problems so far.

It’s definitely good to see that cannabidiol is helping people out. Its use in seizure treatments is by far the most studied and least controversial use of the wildly popular supplement. Obviously Brendan Schaub is a hugely popular entertainer, so hopefully this helps spread the message to any of his fans who may be suffering from similar symptoms.

Where can I learn about CBD oil?

There are a lot of conflicting sources of information out there about this newly popular cannabis-derived supplement. So we decided to do all the research and wrote an in-depth CBD buyer’s guide. This guide tells you everything you need to know about what CBD is and what it does. If you decide that CBD is the right supplement for you, we also do a deep dive on how you can tell if a CBD oil brand is legitimate. We also recommend the best sources for buying CBD online.

We’ve also reviewed a ton of different CBD brands. We have reviews for all of the popular brands; including Hemp Bombs, Koi, Just CBD, and Diamond. We only recommend the best and most reputable brands in our reviews here on Vapor Vanity. All of our reviewers spend countless hours testing each product and writing an honest review. If they don’t like the product, they’ll say so. If they say that they like it, you know that it’s legit.

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