Video of Guy Vaping His Friend’s Semen Was a Hoax

Just a few days ago, the world was shocked to find a video of a dumbass vaping another man’s semen. The disgusting video was viewed more than 30,000 times before being set to private, presumably because the aforementioned dumbass was ashamed of his newfound notoriety.

Vaping Semen Screenshot
Screenshot from now private hoax YouTube video of a man vaping his friend’s semen

It turns out that the video was a hoax. The disgusting liquid was actually a mix of sardine juice and vegetable glycerin. Of course, it’s not surprising, considering that it almost seemed too good to be true that he was wearing a Florida State Seminoles sweater while pretending to vape semen.

The alleged creator of the stunt has just released a follow up video where he claims that the hoax was part of an upcoming documentary about the gullibility of the media and people on the internet.

Of course, he could be full of shit about the documentary as well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The question is, now that the idea of vaping jizz has been spread around the internet, how long until we get a copy-cat who takes it to the next level and actually does vape real semen?

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