Video: Snake Oil Salesman and Confirmed Retard “Dr. Oz” Shares His Opinion on Vaping

dr oz e cigarette

In case you haven’t already heard about it from your grandma or from a bunch of stay at home moms on your Facebook news feed, Dr. Oz recently aired a rerun of his anti-vaping segment that originally aired back in December.

Predictably, he “doesn’t want you to smoke” an e-cigarette. Maybe it’s because vaping is something that is actually successful at getting people to quit smoking, and he can’t make money by selling you his quack treatments if you actually do quit.

This is the same “Dr. Oz” who was questioned by the Senate for scamming people with bullshit weight loss pills, so you can rest assured knowing that the truth is usually the opposite of whatever nonsense comes spewing out of his greedy mouth.

Watch the full clip of the segment by clicking here. If you can get through the more than two minute long video without throwing up in your mouth, you’re a better man than I am.


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