Watch: Loose Lithium-Ion Battery Explodes in Teacher’s Pocket

This “e-cig explosion video” has been making the rounds on the internet lately. In reality, it appears that this isn’t the actual e-cigarette itself that exploded but instead a loose lithium-ion vape battery. The way it explodes in his pocket is consistent with other vape battery explosions that we’ve seen in the past.

How can you avoid having this happen to you? When you’re carrying around spare lithium batteries, make sure that you store them in a battery case. If you put the loose batteries directly in your pockets and they come into contact with any metal object (e.g. keys, change, even other batteries) they WILL explode exactly like this and could potentially cause serious burns that will require emergency treatment and hospitalization. Spend a couple bucks now and avoid the pain of burning yourself and looking like an idiot on the internet in the future.

Here’s a picture that supposedly shows the aftermath of what the explosion did to his suit:



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