Watch: New Anti-Vaping Propaganda From TobaccoFreeCA

This video is the latest anti-vaping propaganda to come out from TobaccoFreeCA, which according to their website, is run by the California Department of Public Health. In this video they claim that vaping is a ploy by Big Tobacco to hook a new generation on nicotine. This claim is ridiculous considering the fact that most vaporizers, even almost all of the ones in this video, are created by new companies that are not affiliated with Big Tobacco in any way. In fact, Big Tobacco has actually been lobbying to put them out of business (it wouldn’t be surprising to me if the Big Tobacco companies actually funded this propaganda campaign). I don’t live in California, nor do I have cable, but from what I’ve heard they’ve actually been airing these bullshit videos as commercials on TV as well.

While it’s true that there is no way to know the long term effects of vaping, it’s fairly well established that vapes are a much better alternative to cigarettes. With recent studies showing that vaping is 96% safer than smoking, it seems like this kind of anti-vaping hysteria is going to do more harm than good. If even one former smoker saw these ads and thought “fuck it, if vapes are dangerous too I might as well keep buying my Marlboros”, then the California Department of Public Health is responsible for ending someone’s life. These ads are going to actually kill people and if you live in California your tax dollars are paying for it.

What do you think? Will people actually fall for these ads and keep smoking? Will this lead to more vaping regulations?




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