Wells Fargo: Vape Industry Will Generate $3.5 Billion in 2015


The vape industry has been growing at an insane pace over the last few years, with the demand being met by numerous online vape stores and B&M vape shops on every corner in most major cities. But just how much money is our little industry generating in 2015?

Growth of B&M vape shops in Southern California, the home of the Vape Douche

Well according to the LA Times, Wells Fargo Securities¬†estimates¬†that the vape industry will bring in $3.5 Billion in revenue this year. That’s an insane amount of money for something that barely even existed a few years ago. It’ll be exciting to see how much more this industry can grow now that it’s been proven to save lives and get people off of tobacco. The vape industry appears to be unstoppable.

Unless the FDA decides to step in and fuck everything up, of course.

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