What is a Gravity Bong?

What is a gravity bong?

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a smoking device that uses water and air pressure to push the dense smoke cloud into your lungs. A gravity bong uses two containers; one larger filled with water and the other fits inside it that holds the bowl. Holding the top container under water, you light the bowl while pulling up on the container. This will create a pressure difference, pulling smoking in between the container and the water. You remove the bowl from the top container and place your mouth over the opening. Push the container back into the water while inhaling. The air pressure in the gravity bong will push the smoke quickly into your lungs.

How Do I Use a Gravity Bong?

Using a gravity bong can take some practice, when trying to figure out lighting and pulling the smoke into the container. Pulling to quickly you might not get all of the herb or tobacco lit. If you pull to slowly you might have some smoke float away.

Gravity bongs are simple but extremely effective for what they’re supposed to do. Using gravity bongs you are able to conserve whatever you are smoking while also being able to get powerful hits that could couch lock anyone. Be careful not to use them too often or your tolerance will surpass your budget.

Why Should I Buy A Gravity Bong?

Making a gravity bong is fairly simple using a plastic bottle, a bucket, and a bowl. However, Grav Labs are known for their beautifully design gravity bongs. They come in two sizes, large and extra large. The image below is a Grav Labs Large gravity bong. Gravity bongs are a lot of fun to do with friends when you want to melt into a couch. Unlike regular bongs, gravity bongs don’t filter the smoke making it harsher on your lungs. When you get efficient at using a gravity bong they will help you save herb or tobacco. Happy toking!

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