What to Stock up on Before the Vapepocalypse


The moment we’ve all been dreading finally arrived.

The recently passed FDA regulations have been set in stone (barring a miracle from Congress), and we officially know when the Vapepocalypse (or Vapeageddon, whichever you want to call it) is set to take place: 2018. That’s when the new FDA deeming rule will ban any products that don’t go through the million-dollar FDA approval process, ensuring that most of your favorite mods and e-juices will no longer exist. While it might seem far away, it never hurts to be prepared. With the first set of anti-business regulations set to take effect in 90 days, there is no time like the present to stock up on your most essential vaping supplies to make sure that you never go back to smoking. As if you needed another excuse to spend money and rack up those frequent flyer points.

Mechanical Mods

By all means, make sure that you buy a few of your favorite regulated box mods as well. Enjoy the high-tech temp control, wattage control, LED screen gizmos while you can. But you should know that the chips in those things won’t last forever, especially when you consider the fact that most of these mods are made cheaply in China to satisfy the American urge to consume as much cheap shit as possible. This wasn’t a problem back in the good old days, aka right now (how cool is it that we know that we’re living in the good old days right now?), but in the future when you can’t buy any more cheap mods from China because the factories moved on to whatever new fad the 2018 version of e-cigs or hoverboards is,  you’ll want something that will last forever.

That’s where mechanical mods step in.

Right now mechanical mods are considered to be a niche item for hardcore vape nerds and cloud-chasing competitors. They can be extremely non-beginner-friendly to the point that they’ll blow up in your face if you don’t know what you’re doing. You have to know how to build your own RDA deck, wrap your coils, check your resistance with an Ohm reader, and on top of that they only work really well when your battery is fully charged. When a regulated box mod just requires you to fill up the tank and press a button, it’s no wonder that the vape community has slowly started to phase out mechs.

But with the Vapepocalypse looming, the benefits of mechanical mods are starting to look much more appealing. A high-quality mechanical mod literally has the possibility of outliving you. It’s nothing more than a metal tube that holds an 18650 battery. The lack of internal wiring means that if there are any problems, it’s relatively simple to fix yourself. You can drop it in the toilet when you’re drunk and the biggest inconvenience is that you’ll have to wash it off. You can drop it on the sidewalk all day and you know that it’ll still work. They’re built like tanks.

As for the RDA’s: It’ll still be possible to get some wire. They can’t actually ban wire. Compared to the specialized coils that some tanks need, RDA’s just need wire. If you’re willing to spend five minutes learning how to twist your own coils, you can use a high quality RDA like the ones from Limitless Mod Company forever without needing any other supplies.

It is important to make sure that you buy high-quality mods and RDAs. The cheap ones might be appealing, but they’re cheap for a reason. I’d recommend the Wulf Mods Lone Wulf mechanical mod and RDA. It’s an American made, authentic mod kit that’s available for $125.99 with free shipping from Minty Vapes.

DIY E-Juice

Some of the mod manufactures might be able to pony up the cash to file for FDA approval. But the hardest hit will be the e-juice companies. Every single variation of every single flavor will need to be separately approved. That means that they’ll have to spend a million for the 0mg version of one flavor. Another million for the 3mg. Another for the 6mg, etc.

The majority of e-juice companies are going out of business in 2 years. You’ll need to learn how to make DIY e-juice.

Here’s the bare minimum supplies that you’ll need to stock up on if you’ll want to make do-it-yourself e-juice:

In conclusion, if you have a couple high quality mechanical mods and RDAs as well as a large supply of DIY e-juice supplies, you’ll be able to survive the likely decline of the vaping industry in two years time. While we do expect the industry to survive in a much smaller form, there will never be as much choice and free market competition between the different mod and juice manufacturers as there is right now. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.





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