What Vape Kit Should I Buy?

So, you’ve made a decision to buy a new e-cigarette, and you’re asking yourself – “what vape kit should I buy?” On the face of it, you’ve got a baffling, bewildering choice ahead of you. E-cigarettes, vapes and mods come in all shapes and sizes, and that can be confusing.

You don’t need to be confused though, because we can make life easier for you. You just need to ask yourself one simple question.

When it comes to picking an ecigarette or a starter kit, are you looking for simplicity, flexibility or power?

I’d Like Something Simple

If you’re coming to vaping from smoking, you’ll probably be looking for something simple. After all, lighting up a cigarette doesn’t involve any knowledge of ohms law, or a need to carry replacement coils, or work out what VG to PG ratio you need to choose.

So it’s no wonder that pod-style ecigarettes make up a huge portion of the market. You just click in a pod with eliquid and a built in coil, and you’re ready to go.

The most popular of these is the Juul – so much so that “Juuling” has become a verb to describe vaping much in the same way that “Googling” means using any search engine.

Popular Pod-Style E-cigarettes

  • Juul Vapes
  • Vype Epens
  • 88Vape Pod Pens
  • MyBlu Vape Pens

I’d Like Something Flexible

The thing about pod-style vapes is that you’re stuck with a small variety of flavours in pre-filled pods. If you want to experience the thousands of different PG vape liquids and 50/50 vape liquids on the market, you need something with a refillable tank.

This is where your classic vape pens come into play.

Until the rise of pod-style ecigarettes, these types of vape were the perfect beginner kit, and you’ll still find many vape shops recommending them for newcomers.

Either way, they’ll help you get the hang of refilling tanks, maintaining and swapping coils, and let you try various flavours of eliquid from a variety of brands.

Popular Pen Ecigarettes

  • Vaporesso Veco Solo
  • 88Vape Classic Vape Pen
  • VOID Vaporiser
  • Kik Vape 02

I’d Like Something Powerful

Right. We’ve had the plug and play simplicity. We’ve had the flexibility of pens that let you enjoy the PG liquids you can buy from nearly any corner shop in the UK. But what if you want huge clouds and deluxe high VG liquids?

In that case, you’ll need a mod. A sub-ohm box mod. These are more powerful vapes with larger tanks, more efficient coils, and sometimes scarily large batteries. They need you to vape in a different way (Google “mouth to lung vaping” for more information), but they’re the vape kit of choice for cloud chasers and ecigarette hobbyists.

We wouldn’t recommend any of them as a starter kit (except maybe the Aspire Pockex), but if you’re ready for an upgrade, you’ll want to consider a mod.

Popular Box Mod Vapes

What Vape Kit Should I Buy?

Listen, when it comes to the exact vape kit you buy, it’s going to come as much to personal preference as anything else. Maybe a kit feels good in your hand. Maybe you like the styling, or the colour.

These aren’t stupid reasons to buy something you’ll use every day – so don’t feel weird for picking a particular kit because you want a matte black or rose gold ecigarette to match your mobile phone.

Just remember, the type of vape kit is just as important as the exact make and model, so sit, think, and decide.

Are you looking for simplicity, flexibility or power? Once you’ve decided that, you’ll find it much easier to make your decision.

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