What Your Favorite Vape Says About YOUR Personality!


Mechanical Tube Mod

  • You really want to be in the news for blowing your face off.
  • You’re somewhere on the spectrum and you definitely feel superior to all other vapers, and get irrationally mad and spergy when people don’t know as much as you about building coils or other vape-nerd topics.
  • You are so socially retarded that you don’t see the problem with sucking on a metal dildo in public.
  • You wear a wallet chain on your cargo shorts and a flat-brimmed ball cap non-ironically.
  • You’ll probably threaten to kill me in the comments section.


  • You always buy the cheapest version of whatever thing it is you want to buy in the store and expect it to work as good as the more expensive version. Then when it inevitably sucks you go back to the store and yell at the clerk and demand to speak to the manager for selling you a piece of shit, when it’s your fault for buying the piece of shit in the first place.
  • You buy your groceries at Wal-Mart.
  • You binge watch “Extreme Couponing“.
  • Because you buy cheap things from China, you are indirectly contributing to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” presidential campaign.

Electronic Box Mod

  • You’re a pussy who’s afraid of blowing yourself up.
  • You’re a stereotypical millennial who doesn’t know how to work something that doesn’t have a minimum of 12 buttons and a touchscreen.
  • You enjoy spending money on technology that will be obsolete within 2 years. You may also own a first-generation smartwatch.

Temperature Control Mod

  • All you care about is having the newest thing with the latest features, even if you never knew you wanted it in the first place. You probably “upgraded” to the iPhone 6S because it has “force touch”.


  • You just want to quit smoking and you hate that you’re somehow associated with all the neckbeards in the “vape community”.
  • You’ve probably been told multiple times to “upgrade to a REAL vape” by weird looking people who you’d be embarrassed to associate with in real-life.

eGo Starter Kit

  • You’re cool. Congrats on being a normal person.

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