What’s the Most Cringeworthy Word/Expression in the World of Vaping??


Here’s a non-complete list of common cringeworthy expressions used by Online (and real life) Vape Nerds:

Chucking tits



Vapelyfe (nothing is more homo than changing a letter in a word for no apparent reason)

Tootlyfe (I still have no idea what this means)

Premium E-Juice (Every juice company calls itself premium. If you want to stand out, advertise yourself as being the Bud Light of e-juice.)

Chuckin’ clouds

Analog (How hard is it to say the word “cigarette”?)

Stinkies (Same as above)


Ohm out

Cloud chasing

Cloud chasing comp

Steeping (Look it up in the dictionary. That’s not what you’re doing when you leave e-liquid in a dark drawer for a few weeks.)

Keep Calm and Vape On

Vaping like a sir

Vapehole (Used instead of calling someone an asshole. If you’re stupid enough to call someone this then you probably are one.)


Also, anything that this retarded fucking asshat says:

What vape nerd word/expression makes YOU cringe the most???

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